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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:43

Giken Sangyou Co., Ltd.

Our company has developed reasonably priced fire-resistant construction materials using waste gypsum boards and recycled plastic.

Our company is a plastic processor. We excel in quick service regarding developing materials and technologies even through we have a small workforce. We recently developed a new wood-like resin (PPC) pellet product using waste gypsum boards and recycled plastic. This product is characterized by its fire resistance and low cost. We have delivered this product as an earthquake-resistant base material and residential construction material to companies in housing and other industries. We have also developed plastic that has additional features of radiation shielding, thermal insulation, fireproofing, and so on. This is done by mixing waste gypsum boards with other resins. We will actively continue to perform technology development.


Sales Pitch

Introduction to business content, product technologies, and other areas covered
Business areas and features
[Business areas]
We are a company founded in 1972 and are engaged in the processing and machining of plastics. In the first days of our foundation, we focused on the processing and machining of plastics. With the diversification of plastic products and resin materials, there was a wide range of needs from a wide variety of industries. In that context, and in response to the rising demand for operations related to the processing and machining of architectural materials, we are now committed to the processing, machining, and manufacture of earthquake-resistant materials and housing materials. There is also high acclaim for our efforts to improve product functionality in fire resistance and disaster prevention. 

Processing and machining of plastics

[Our corporate strengths]
Although we are a very small company with a limited number of employees, we are able to determine our corporate directions more flexibly than our competitors. We have thus been working for 44 years as a company engaged in processing and machining plastics in response to the needs of the times. Under the circumstances, we have been engaged not only in the processing and machining of plastics but also of highly value-added plastics , and have therefore been working to enhance our corporate expertise. As a result, we have acquired several patents and have been managing to address the need to develop products that meet the market needs, and this is precisely our strength.
Overview of our products and technologies
[Strengths of our products and technologies]
With official approval given for our FY2012 Shizuoka Prefectural Managerial Innovation Plan, we succeeded in developing cheap plastics made of recycled waste gymsum board, of which people have found it difficult to dispose. The types and ratios of not only outdoor deck materials and other architectural materials, but also resins and other materials mixed with waste gypsum board have been appropriately designed to enable additional added value, such as providing radiation shelter, heat shelter, combustion prevention, and other characteristics. We believe that our monitoring of market needs and aggressive technical development have led to our strength in product technology.

[Internal corporate system for opening up sales channels and going global]
Based on our corporate history of addressing market needs effectively and efficiently with limited personnel, we intend to keep developing materials and technologies that the market needs, thereby aggressively meeting market demands. Moreover, we want all our personnel to join together in meeting needs that are hard to address in various areas, making our customers realize that some products and technologies are only possible with us.
[Message from the CEO]
Since our foundation in 1972, we have been working day and night to improve our company in Shizuoka, which is a manufacturing-oriented prefecture. Without lagging behind in addressing changes in the times, we have been aggressively developing products and materials for the times. We will continue to aggressively develop technologies and materials that only we can do, as well as working to improve ourselves as a company that supports not only Shizuoka but also the rest of Japan as well with its manufacturing efforts.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company has been in business for 44 years as a plastic processor that responds to current needs. We can determine our policies more flexibly than other companies in the industry even though we are a small company with few staff members. We have worked to enhance our technological capabilities by manufacturing high-value-added plastic products as well as standard plastic products. We have obtained a number of patents and can manufacture products that satisfy market needs. We believe that these are our strengths.

[Business description]
We started our plastic processing business in 1972. Our company started out by mainly performing plastic processing. We then started to receive various requests from a wide range of industries because of the diversification of plastic products and resin materials. We focus on processing and manufacturing earthquake-resistant base materials and residential construction materials. This is because we have been receiving an increasing number of orders regarding construction material processing.

Plastic processing

[Representative's message]
We have been constantly working to improve ourselves since our establishment in 1972 in Shizuoka Prefecture, which is an area characterized by Monozukuri craftsmanship. We have actively performed product and material development as required by the times, and we keep pace with changes. We will continue to proactively develop technologies and materials that can be achieved only by our company. We will strive to further improve ourselves as a company that supports Japan’s Monozukuri craftsmanship.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company aims to proactively develop technologies and materials required by the market and to respond to market demands. We will make use of our experience in efficiently and effectively satisfying needs with a small workforce. We will cooperatively satisfy difficult needs in various fields so that our customers will think of our company as an indispensable partner.

[Awards and media coverage]


[Intellectual property]
Japanese Laid-Open Patent Application Nos. 2010-209237 and 2010-229423. Patent applications filed for a radiation shielding composition in mixing inorganic and organic substances, and a manufacturing method for a radiation shielding composition in mixing inorganic and organic substances.

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