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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:07:44

Kosuge Co., Ltd.

We developed lightweight, head-to-break safety canes (white canes) for the visually impaired.

Our main business is to develop, manufacture, and sell lightweight shock-resistant safety canes for the visually impaired. These products are made using our original aramid fiber. Our company has cultivated this new market by developing latent needs, and collaborating with companies and universities that possessed the necessary technologies for this product. We developed a white cane with an attached LED that is illuminated by means of an oscillation generator. This was done under the New Partnerships program. We aim to develop products that alleviate burdens on the visually impaired by improving visibility for nearby people, the ability to communicate road surface information, and protective bumper functionality. We plan to actively introduce products at various exhibitions and information sessions held by the government to make technical proposals and cultivate sales channels. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company cultivates latent demand, searches for suitable technology for to satisfy this demand, and collaborates with companies that have the necessary technologies for new products we intend to develop. We develop new markets for these products and manage overall projects as new businesses when we go on to develop, manufacture, and sell new products. These practices are the source of our company’s strength.

[Business description]
Our company will contribute to society by cultivating potential needs in the market and applying our technology and development capabilities as an SME to develop new products. Our business model consists of four phases. Firstly we cultivate potential needs and potential customers, then obtain funding including subsidies for development. We then develop a new product jointly with other manufacturers, design firms, and university research institutions, then finally provide the product to the market.


[Representative's message]
Conventional safety canes are often broken due to impact while walking. Important safety cane features include visibility for nearby people so they understand the situation while walking, conveying road surface conditions to the user, and protective bumper functionality to prevent accidents. Our safety canes can serve such purposes, and solve issues faced by the visually impaired. We hope to recommend our products at various exhibitions and meetings held by the government to cultivate sales channels, and to help alleviate burdens faced by the visually impaired. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We plan to cultivate sales channels by participating in many welfare equipment exhibitions, and exhibitions held by the National Council of Visual Disabled in Japan. We also hope to capture needs, and introduce and actively recommend products and technologies. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Itabashi Product Technology Prize, Chief Juror’s Award (2012); Itabashi Product Technology Prize, Juror’s Award for our MyCane SPOT (2015); Kawasaki Innovation Standard certification with approval of MyCane II as a certified welfare product (2016).

Chemical Daily, introduction of MyCane II in their section on recommended new discoveries. 

[Intellectual property]
Cane for Reducing Wobbling (Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3189658); Fit Grip Straight (Japanese Design Registration No. 1523177); Handle for Cane (US Design Patent No. 745,260); Lens Hood and Manufacturing Method (Japanese Patent No.4813619); and so on.

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