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Latest update: 16/08/2022 15:37:51

Sankou Seimitsu Co., Ltd.

We can process precision metal parts as well as design and manufacture metal molds.

Our business lineup are as follows. We process precision metal parts, and develop design, manufacture, and sell precision transfer press molds. We manufacture precision metal parts, precision metal mold parts, and precision press mold mainly used in automotive, semiconductor, low electric and other industries. We are especially good at drawing processes for metal molds. We also handle various consignments for metal processing of materials such as SKD, SKH, SS, SUS, and cemented carbide. Our machining has an outside dimension tolerance of 0.002 mm by utilizing our machining center, wire-cutting, and form grinding techniques. We can also lap 3D-processed products.

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[Company strength]
equipped with machines, ultraprecision grinders, ultraprecision wire cutters, 3D measuring instruments, and CNC image measuring instruments. We can provide comprehensive support to a wide variety of requirements. We purchase materials, mill, quench (outsourced), grind, wire-cut, and discharge based on drawings provided by customers. Our precision is on the m level and we provide detailed schematics. 

Our system maintains a high accuracy. We have installed linear scale feedback in the machining center and the wire-cutting machine. This system maintains a high accuracy by monitoring the process constantly and allows us to provide high-quality products. 

Our information management system is a database of customer information and drawings. It automatically manages various processes and helps us respond to customer inquiries regarding past work, delivery dates and other information. 

[Business description]

We develop design, manufacture, and sell precision transfer press molds. We excel at processing metal mold plates that require high accuracy for complex shapes. We can manufacture small, thin parts between 0.05 mm and 1.0 mm thick by punching, bending, round drawing, and corner drawing. We also handle precision metal parts processing consignments. We process precision metal parts or metal mold parts mainly used in automotive, semiconductor, light electrical, and other industries. We manufacture precision jigs and tools such as precision vises or punch formers.


Metal processing

[Representative's message]
Machine accuracy has progressed with advancements in technology. We have been improving our skills to stay ahead of the times. Our skills are recognized in Japan and are in great demand overseas. The economically developing ASEAN region is a huge market where we can put our skills to good use. We will all be united do develop business with overseas companies. We look forward to working with a large number of companies.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our sales staff in charge of external communication are well versed in processing. They proactively participate in business meetings with both Japanese and overseas companies to promote sales. We have steadily built business relationships with overseas companies for the last 10 years. We have dispatched our staff to companies in Indonesia to form a business system. Our board members make on-site studies and research to expand the overseas market.

[Awards and media coverage]
1sha1genki gijutu touroku (1 company 1 energetic technology enrollment) from Wakayama Prefecture for ultraprecision transfer press mold technology (2016)

Wakayama TV


ISO 9001 certified (2008)

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Kansai Head Office, SMRJ