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Latest update: 13/07/2017 16:25:39

Timec Co., Ltd.

We contribute to the transportation machinery industry with prototypes for vehicle development.

As a metal products manufacturer established in 1970, we mainly manufacture and sell prototype products for vehicle development. We have done business with Mitsubishi Motors, Daihatsu Motor, Mazda, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Yanmar, and other major domestic companies. We have built up our business by responding to all kinds of client needs, such as short-turnaround test pieces and prototypes. Prototype parts we have produced include chassis sheet-metal parts and body sheet-metal parts for vehicles. We handle prototyping using high-tensile steel materials and aluminum materials to meet requests for lightweight parts. We are also rapidly enhancing our domestic sales system.

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[Company strength]
With the speed demanded by our clients’ development departments as our top priority, we have arranged an integrated production system starting from fabricating molds and jigs necessary for product production through to product manufacturing. For example, using the latest CAD/CAM systems we fabricate the molds and welding jigs needed for product production in parallel with laser processes (jig designs and five-axis off-line teaching), which enables us to prep for production in shorter timeframes (about 30 percent faster than previously). This also gives us the flexibility to quickly respond to the design changes that happen frequently during prototyping. In addition, we work hard on maintaining and improving the workplace by applying the 5S methodology in order to identify inefficiencies and improve quality. We are also committed to employee training, so that every employee is skilled in multiple technologies and disciplines.

[Business description]
Our company manufactures and sells prototype products for vehicle development, mostly to automakers and partner companies. We primarily use press work machines and 3D laser machines to fabricate a wide array of parts. Besides parts manufacturing, our company also offers comprehensive welding and assembly services for modules using the parts we make. Furthermore, we employ these manufacturing technologies to produce agricultural mechanical tools and industrial mechanical devices, which we supply to many fields.

Metal products manufacturing industry

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our strength in prototype parts is our short-turnaround, high-quality prototyping of chassis sheet-metal parts and body sheet-metal parts for vehicles. We also handle prototyping using high-tensile steel materials and aluminum materials to meet requests for lightweight parts. In the area of small-lot part production technology, we have a well-established reputation among our clients for not only automotive but also agricultural machinery and construction machinery because of our high quality, low cost, and fast turnaround times. This advantage is made possible by the technology we have gained through laser-machine cutting, welding, and other prototyping production processes.

[Representative's message]
Based on an integrated process flow and a wealth of knowledge, our company offers clients a product system that meets the need for high quality, high speed, and high cost performance. Our three-factory system — our head office factory together with our Kurume Factory in Fukuoka and Shonan Factory in Kanagawa — is the foundation of our efforts to grow our business and be a genuine technical partner for our clients.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our sales headquarters and sales department located at our head office factory act as contact points to support new clients and handle inquiries. Most of our sales representatives have a manufacturing and technical background, which helps them resolve many issues immediately in meetings with clients. With a sales department at the Kurume Factory and a sales group at the Shonan Factory, we maintain contact points at all our bases to assist our clients everywhere. As for overseas expansion, we have no plans at present to set up a new base overseas, but are working to enhance our domestic sales system.

[Market share/Ranking]
(1) 50 percent of a steering member assembly and 60 percent of a front floor assembly for a prototype for an automaker
(2) 50 percent of the peripheral hood components for a prototype for a construction machinery manufacturer

[Awards and media coverage]


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications

[Joint research and development]
Okayama Vehicle Engineering Center for the next EV
(We were in charge of manufacturing the main components for the OVEC-ONE in 2013 and the OVEC-TWO in 2015, which were part of an in-wheel-motor EV R&D project.)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Mitsubishi Motors (prototypes for vehicle development), Daihatsu Motor (prototypes for vehicle development), Mazda (prototypes for vehicle development), Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (small-lot production of a gas turbine part), Yanmar (prototypes of agricultural mechanical tools and prototypes of construction mechanical devices), and other manufacturers in various industries

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