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Delicacies from Kyushu

We are committed to manufacturing products with Kyushu's tastes and raw materials and delivering them to customers.
We are a food manufacturing company that maintains a strong pursuit of quality without being satisfied with ISO 9001 certification. We will realize certified quality by providing finely tuned services and manufacturing good products jointly with each customer.

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Commitment to tastes, new merchandise development, and safe and secure product quality management to realize these new products
We are committed to proposing foods suitable for the times while maintaining traditional tastes. Our thoughts about food will remain unchanged.
All the company staff led by the development team are doing their best to develop in-house original products by listening to customers (consumers) who use them. The development team and all other staff are devoted to realizing products that customers (manufacturers) have in mind in joint development with manufacturers.
We have developed Tsukudani preserved foods as our major product over the course of many years. We are using this as the core in pursuing the potential of foods with customers in mind.
Our company has an effective system for the quality of raw materials to be processed and for all processes, such as manufacturing methods, factory operations, and examinations.
In pre-shipping inspections we perform double checks with metal detectors and X-ray inspections.
All our staff are aware of the principle of keeping an eye on the products we manufacture.

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