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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:47

Nippy Kikai Co.,Ltd.

We sell equipment for ultra-thin slicing of soft raw material in units of microns

We are a manufacturer producing and selling band machines and leather cutting machines that slice soft raw materials such as rubber, foams, sponges, nonwoven fabric, and gelatin in units of microns at high speed. We can produce custom-made products such as custom-made slicers and slitters.  

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Band machines and slicers
Generally, they are called leather making machines, slicers, or band knives. In our company, we usually call them band machines. A band machine is a slicer equipped with an endless band knife which slices or cuts various materials including leather products, rubber, urethane, felt, sponge, and foams into the desired size with high precision. For example, a band knife is able to cut a material, which is 8mm in thickness, into two pieces: One is 1mm in thickness, which is the desired thickness, and the other is 7mm in thickness.
Our band machines can cut materials into a wide range of thicknesses: The maximum thickness is 30mm and the minimum thickness is 0.3mm.   
We provide three roller widths for effective cutting (slicing) widths: 350mm, 400mm, and 480mm. Clients can select an appropriate band machine for their desired purposes. 
Our band machines can slice rubber products whose hardness is in the range from 50 to 90 and rubber sponges whose hardness is up to 10.
We may be able to respond to requests for custom-made products, customized specifications, or the like from clients, utilizing long years of our experience in design, development, and production. 
We can cooperate with clients in developing prototypes.
Our band machines have a structure that focuses on not only functions, but also safety, maintenance, and user-friendliness.
Leather cutting machines and dust collectors
These are machines for shaving off (scraping) the edges of a material which has undergone a cutting process, in order to evenly shave the thicknesses of the edges. This process is performed for "turning" the edges and "connecting materials" to beautifully finish the edges, achieve a balance among their thicknesses, and make the later sewing process easier. 
These machines are indispensable to producing products, the main examples of which are shoes, bags, and wallets. How to shave off the edges differs depending on the product to be produced and the part, material (thickness or hardness), as well as design of the product.
We are the only company that produces these machines. We internally perform processes ranging from processing the main body to producing blades, and strictly control the quality of the machines.
We provide a series of cutting machines for difficult-to-process materials and automated leather cutting machines that are targeted at various frequencies of use, various production volumes (from small-lot production to mass-production), and various materials. 
The max. accuracy of the thickness of shaven leather is in units of 0.1mm, and the max. thickness of shaven leather is 50mm.
We provide a variety of presser feet including those for leather trimming, skew shaving, entire shaving, and grooving.       
Our leather cutting machines can process not only leather, but also felt, rubber, and sponge.
Our leather cutting machines have a structure that focuses on not only functionality, but also safety, maintenance, and user-friendliness.

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