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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:29

Eiwakakou Co., Ltd.

We have more than 50 years of experience as a sole outsourcer for handling fiber, glass cloth, film, copper foil, aluminum foil, iron foil, and other materials. Our processing includes rolling, roll-to-roll coating, dry lamination, thermal lamination, viscous processing, UV irradiation, embossing, slitting, and ageing.

We address all needs that can be handled on a roll-to-roll basis for all aspects of development from assistance to mass production with our core techniques (coating, pasting, and cutting). We serve various industries including building materials, vehicles, electronics, medical treatment, and food.

We can take on orders for multi-process projects beginning with the design process in addition to processing.

We are equipped with coater laminators in a general environment and also with 1000-level cleanness, so we can satisfy orders for continuous production in a clean environment.

We can also disperse material with dissolvers, mills or other equipment, manufacture ink with different distributions of grain sizes, and handle slitters, sheet cutters, roll cutters and other post-processing machines.

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Overview of our business areas and strengths
Our company is solely devoted to perfecting our techniques for precision coating and lamination. We laminate coatings for electronics materials, information recording materials, upmarket building materials, automotive interior materials, medicine packages, and products for a wide range of other industries. Our philosophy is to establish our company with technology. We also take on development of outsourcing work to make advanced film for various fields. We thoroughly commit ourselves to cleanness and precision and adopt the latest machinery. We strive to further develop and improve our processing and machining techniques.
Overview of our products and techniques
We make use of laminating and coating machines to apply precision coating, lamination, adhesivization, and UV irradiation that impart electrical conductivity, insulation, hard coating, dirt resistance, and other functions to PET, PP, fluorine film, or other plastic film or metal foil. We perform slitting in a cleanroom, and provide integrated services up to ageing processing. In slitter and needle punching we coat various materials, perform slitting before lamination, and conduct slit tests and winding-back on slitting before lamination and after such processing. In coating machine processing we perform anchoring and top-coating on plain-weave and knitted fabrics, and perform special coating on various pile fabrics and raised fabrics, nonwoven fabrics. and urethane foam. 
Toward matching
In this era of technical outsourcing we have been performing commissioned development as well as precision coating and lamination with our customers. We have handled numerous electronics materials, upmarket building materials, pharmaceutical and industrial materials, and advanced film in various fields. Many of our tasks carried out on commission have been conducted according to confidentiality agreements. We deal with a wide range of materials centering on plastic film and sheeting, along with metal foil, fabrics, and nonwoven fabrics. Our processing lines come equipped with clean coaters and laminators in general environments up to class-1000 cleanness. We are ready to receive consultations for selecting coating agents and product specification design and perform table tests if you have any trouble with coating and lamination. Please do not hesitate to consult us. We greatly appreciate your continued assistance and patronage. 





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