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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:29

Azuma Press Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We deliver good products fast and at low cost.

Our main work includes metal pressing. We also design and manufacture related molds and manufacture relevant jigs and tools. We deal with parts for industrial machinery, electrical appliances, and other equipment, with a focus on automotive parts. We handle plates from 0.03 to 9.00 mm thick. We particularly excel at drawn parts. We also draw and deep-draw plates 5.0 mm thick.

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Sales Pitch

We handle orders for metal pressing, precision jigs and tools, sheet metal machining, and a wide range of other products.
Our lineup of high-performance models is ahead of the times
We are equipped with hydraulic presses up to 500 tons and a total of three servo presses (200-ton, 300-ton). We also possess laser machines, bending machines, and other sheet metal machining units and welders. Our stock of equipment includes more than 40 machining units in total (except for mold-machining units). 

We take full advantage of 3D CAD in mold manufacturing. We make use of machining centers, wire EDM units, NC lathes, planar grinders, and other high-performance models to satisfy your requirements.
High-performance models with additional value from our expertise
We manufacture our products by applying our expertise for designing and manufacturing models for presses of up to 500 tons. We make use of our capacity to address difficult-to-machine materials and complex shapes by using 200-ton and larger servo presses. We also have an integrated production system for all processes including welding and sub-assembly.

We specialize in metal pressing, so we can take on orders for processes that are difficult to address in-house and produce products with high value.
We propose manufacturing solutions that satisfy your particular needs.
We cover all processes including mold design. This allows us to monitor your drawings in proposing manufacturing methods that best suit your needs.

We handle prototyping, production of one-off items, and machining in forward sequence, so we can satisfy various customer needs.

We take on orders for a wide range of needs including metal pressing, press molds (forward sequence and one-off products), precision jigs and tools, and sheet metal machining. We can handle sheets of all thicknesses from thick to thin.

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