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We produce washable bags made of paper. In accordance with the years during which the bag is used, it becomes soft and develops a certain texture. Its raw material is called "Shifu" (pulp cloth). We produce "biodegradable bags" developed by pulp cloth designers and bag craftspersons.

Female craftspersons are doing well in our workplace. The products developed by us are based on the desire for products that are friendly to the natural environment and humans. 
In the past during the Edo Period, "Shifu"(pulp cloth) which is cloth made of traditional Japanese paper was upscale clothing tributed to the Tokugawa Shogunate from the Date domain. Pulp cloth was used for various purposes including clothes and bedclothes. However, during the Meiji and Taisho Periods, it faded away from the limelight. In order for pulp cloth to be used in our daily lives again, we developed producible, further advanced pulp cloth.


Sales Pitch

Advantages of cloth made of Washi (traditional Japanese paper)!
Washable cloth made of Washi, traditional Japanese paper
Depending on the shape of the product, you can put it into a washing net and wash it in a wash machine. If the product is very dirty, clean it by moving a brush along the weave to remove dirt.
Cloth that is made of traditional Japanese paper (Washi) and that has a deodorant function
The results of inspections conducted by a quality inspection institution demonstrated that the cloth made of Washi, traditional Japanese paper is as robust as cotton, and that it eliminates more than 95% of ammonia which is the cause of smell, including the smell of sweat.
Water absorbability, quick-drying properties, and lightweight
Impurities are strained out from Washi, traditional Japanese paper that is made from wet, pulpy materials by spreading it thin and drying it. Since pulp cloth is made of the Japanese paper, it absorbs moisture but dries quickly, and is lighter in weight than cotton. We produce products by utilizing the characteristics of the pulp cloth made of natural materials. Therefore, our products can be used with a sense of security. 
Advantages of Washi belts (tape) !
We offer two types of fabrics with five types of sizes (widths).
1 roll with a length of up to 50 m 
Burberry weave (widths: 20, 25, 30, 38, and 50 mm)
Herringbone weave (width: 20 mm)
The strength is beyond what you would traditionally think of paper to have.
Tensile strength of Burberry weave
W 20 mm = 100 kg
W 25 mm = 140 kg
W 30 mm = 160 kg
W 38 mm = 300 kg
At present, the belts and tape are used as bag shoulder straps or handles. They do not contain any oil-based material, and only plant-based materials such as loquat fruits and onions are used for dying them. Accordingly, after use, they are biodegradable in the natural world without polluting the environment. Therefore, not only can they be used for bags, but they can also meet a variety of demands.

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