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Machining of metal parts

We specialize in the manufacture of products with complex shapes using CATIA V5 that allows simultaneous five-axis machining and we have a proven track record in aircraft and defense-related product manufacturing.  Combing 3D CAD/CAM with a multi-axis machine allows us to realize difficult-to-craft shapes.

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Monozukuri craftsmanship resolution capabilities
High-precision/high-surface-quality turbine parts
[Product advantages]
The shape accuracy of the vane part is less than ±0.02, the roundness/concentricity of the outer periphery of the vane part is 0.017/0.019, and its surface roughness is less than Ra 0.477. This can be expected to reduce the polishing man-hours as well as the assembly man-hour. Furthermore, our quality control is based on JISQ9100, making you feel secure about both the technology and its quality.

We expect it to be used as a component for aircraft jet engines and generator turbines, which have had rings and vanes separately produced until now. As the assembling accuracy and strength can be improved, we can expect it to improve product performance, improve design flexibility, reduce product weight, and reduce material weight. We also expect reductions in the total cost by the reduction of the assembly jig and man-hours. 
High-efficiency processing technology for artificial hip joints
[Product advantages]
Our original processing techniques reduce man-hours by 23.7% compared with existing processing methods. Cost reduction can be expected by highly efficient machining in a short time without using an expensive machine tool. Furthermore, we achieved the surface quality of Ra 0.527. You can also expect to reduce the number of polishing steps that are essential after processing. We can contribute to both cost and quality for a manufacturer of artificial hip joints.

You can expect to reduce the product unit price of artificial hip joints. Our made-to-order Japanese products solve the problems of Western products such as those that do not fit the Japanese physique and do not fit the culture of sitting cross-legged and seiza or sitting on heels. In addition, even our made-to-order products that are not featured in our catalogue can contribute to cost reduction. 
Geometric model
[Product advantages]
In collaboration with the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Tokyo, we produced a geometrical model that no one had manufactured since it was first made of plaster in around 1932. An infinitely mathematically correct geometric model was manufactured using the latest cutting-edge technologies, such as CAD and simultaneous 5-axis machining, and its exterior, which has precisely cut surfaces, is very beautiful.

The geometric model is one which a curved surface that represents a mathematical formula can be made into a physical object using a material such as plaster.  The finished item is expected to be used as a teaching material at the Graduate School of Mathematics, or as an object. Furthermore, the technology used to make the geometric model connects the world of CG and mechanical CAD, so it can be expected to be reverse engineered and used in other applications.

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