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Latest update: 10/02/2021 14:53:03

InterDecom CO., LTD.

Decorative construction materials as made-to-order products

A manufacturer and supplier of “ARDECO” EPS decorative construction materials. ARDECO is used for constructing beautiful and unique buildings and is made-to-order to suit all buildings. It contributes to creating more appealing buildings and improving city design.

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Commercialized according to the building! From proposal/planning and design to construction
"ARDECO" decorative material for construction
The decorations of a building play an important role in presenting a good image of the appearance of the whole building. The materials must satisfy various conditions, such as durability, ease of use for construction, and cost-effectiveness.

ARDECO is supported by many customers owing to its high quality, ease of use for construction, cost-effectiveness, etc.
ARDECO is a made-to-order product. It can be ordered in small lots.

・Free design to match the building
 We commercialize shapes that have been designed in accordance with the plan. Provide us with the drawing, then we can offer a quotation.

・A track record of around 3000 projects over 20 years
 We continue to evolve with the support of our many customers, producing even more beautiful and functional construction materials.

・High-functionality construction materials
 The base material is  polystyrene foam, which is also used for heat insulation and is useful for preventing condensation when used around windows.
 It is a high-functionality construction material that is environmentally friendly owing to the raw materials comprising 98% air.

・Simple transformation using an existing shape
 The shape was proposed (existing design) by InterDecom. The size can be changed.

The finish is in a base state.
 ARDECO is normally delivered with a base coating (Nef) for finishing.
 As options, general coating, stone-tone, and wood-tone can be used for the finish.

・Proprietary construction
 The construction method is proprietary to InterDecom. We can also undertake installation work.
"Easy Order" ARDECO
・Feel free to enjoy your orders
 The conventional ARDECO was fully made-to-order, which allowed freedom of design. However, it was sometimes difficult to handle construction, etc. with short delivery times.
 ”Easy Order ARDECO” is a product that eliminates the difficulty in using ARDECO and lets you avail of made-to-order. 
 Molding is ordered by the length (number of pieces) to use for selecting the shape. It can be adjusted to the size of the fittings to be mounted around windows and doors.

 Decorate the building according to the designer’s intention.
 Orders of small quantities are possible.
 Please feel free to use the materials to express yourself, such as adding a luxurious look to the entrance, creating space that leaves an impression, and using points to add accent to the building.

・Realized short delivery times and 30% reduction in prices
 The delivery times have been significantly shortened compared to the previous full made-to-order deliveries. It takes around two weeks from the time of ordering to the time of shipment.
 The system construction, which simplifies the process from the time of ordering to the start of construction, is ideal for projects requiring short construction time and small-volume renovations.
 The prices are also approximately 30% lower compared to conventional products, making it easier to order products.
3D plus 1 "4DECO"
InterDecom has developed a 3D visual image proposal system for building decorations as business support for all customers.
Please use 3DCG for a new business, such as for general houses, condominium/commercial buildings, stores, or amusement facilities.
This enables you to present a realistic image of completion to customers at the time of presentation, such as project participation or competition.

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