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Latest update: 07/01/2023 17:33:10

Taroko Door & Window Technologies, Inc.

We continuously spend time and efforts on innovation and development to provide people a comfort space for them and their family.

Our main philosophies are Honesty, Innovation, Service and Sustainability. Explore customers' hidden needs and add into our products to fulfill it. We are a manufacture that combines safety, comfort, happiness and harmonious living space as our design concepts.

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Sales Pitch

A barrier system to prevent intrusion of mosquitoes, insects, floating particles, pollen, etc.
Prevent mosquitoes and insects from entering and ensure safety.
Screen windows and ventilation doors prevent mosquitoes and insects from entering the house and protect people from the plague spread by mosquitoes and other insects.
Help saving energy.
When opening windows for ventilation, screens can prevent mosquitoes and insects from entering, and ventilate safely. Ventilation makes it easier to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Therefore, the frequency of use of air conditioners will also be low.
Block floating particles and pollen, protect the living environment.
The suspended particle barrier net have a barrier rate of 80.9% during a test against PM2.5 microparticles. When using this net, you can protect your living environment from floating particles (dust, pollen, etc.).
We provide products that satisfy customers.
Our research and development department (R&D) consists of 15 people (including production technology and intellectual property rights) to provide products that meet customer requirements.
In-house life testing.
Our company has internal experimental facilities and conducted 100,000 product use tests.
Quality control
Obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2003.
International laboratory certification
Compliance with international standards has been ensured.
Certified by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation, ILAC, an international organization that recognizes laboratories and inspection institutions.
Our laboratory obtained ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certification from "Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF)" .
Compliance with international standards has been ensured with respect to the technical competence of the testing facility. 
  The certificate (In English and Chinese) was also issued (Certification No: L3878-220317). 
  The certification content relates to "building materials" including the following test items of "Sash screen door JIS A 4709:2018". 
*Laboratory name: TAROKO Laboratory
* Test contents of "Sash Screen Door JIS A 4709:2018"
  7  Dimensions
  9.1 Town strength test
  9.2 Net retention test
  9.3 Opening and closing repetition test


HISS Retractable Screen Catalog 2017.pdf

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Since its establishment, the company has a history of 33 years, producing and selling pleated screen windows and ventilation doors in Taiwan. The operation and product quality are stable and enjoy high evaluation from the market.
We have our own brand and provide OEM and ODM for Japanese companies in Taiwan (the top three largest window manufacturers in Japan).
We have our own R&D department to develop products that meet customer requirements and obtain product patents.

[Sales Pitch]
Our company produces and sells pleated screen windows and ventilation doors, and has a variety of product types. Screens can be adapted to various windows. New or refurbished buildings can be installed.
Our company sells mesh such as PM2.5 and pollen proved.
According to the needs of customers, we will design an integrated product of screens and windows.

[Tie-up Support Organization]
Kaohsiung Chamber of Industry

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Kaohsiung Chamber of Industry