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Latest update: 26/02/2020 10:25:08

Imazato Co., Ltd.

Main image

Sales Pitch

Our company creates a modern beauty of use with the skill and heart of the bunching and knotting tradition, and provides customers with a new lifestyle culture.
We support the high-mix low-volume production of original custom-made products involving tassels. This is done by making use of our database accumulated in our century of business history and our craftsmanship.
We hand-make tassels one by one. We are committed to the detailed quality of the material, shape, and color by treasuring the fine sense of beauty that has been passed down among Japanese people.
Our company has many handwork artisans for side jobs, so we have confidence in handwork.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
High-mix low-volume lot orders are handled and handcrafted one at a time with care by artisans. We pay special attention to details such as material, shape, and color scheme to maintain quality. We focus on each product during production, and hope to deliver the artisan’s spirit to the customer along with the product. Tassels come in a vast array of different types. We have introduced an original computerized production control system. We have also created a tassel database, which allows us to establish a production control system for managing high-mix low-volume production with artisans working from home.

[Business description]
Our company is a knot and tassel manufacturer. We have been manufacturing and selling tassels used in traditional Bon Festival lanterns, funerary items, dolls, and folding fans for over a century years since our establishment in 1907. We apply the experience and techniques we have been building up for many years to help beautify our customers’ products. We can transform a traditional spirit into a new form, giving it a more elegant, sophisticated, and charming look. We manufacture tassels intended for use as parts for traditional crafts, accessories, or fashion and interior items. 

Tassel manufacturing

[Representative's message]
The demand for products and ornaments rooted in traditional Japanese lifestyles and events has decreased dramatically due to changing lifestyles, and markets are shrinking. These small markets are where our company has to compete fiercely with other companies and low-priced goods from emerging countries. We will make use of our original production control systems and databases to support traditional Japanese culture and the beauty of handcrafts as a part manufacturer. We also want to actively make use of J-GoodTech to make proposals to interested overseas companies. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Firstly, we need to cultivate the traditional craft field with our current main products to acquire more customers. Secondly, we will cultivate new markets in the accessory, fashion, and interior fields. This will be done with newly developed original products, and also by offerings and proposals regarding traditional Japanese tassel designs and flower knot tassel designs. These are drawn from the database we have built up, in their original or renewed forms. We want to work on cultivating markets from these new perspectives. The president will supervise updates to our corporate website and J-GoodTech listing, and samples and estimates are created by our employees. 

[Awards and media coverage]
The 10th Fukuoka Industrial Design Award competition, Encouragement Award (2008); the 13th Fukuoka Industrial Design Award competition, Fukuoka Industrial Design Award (2011); commendation by the Yame Chamber of Commerce and Industry for 107 years of service (2014).

The Nikkei, on our tassel cell phone strap (August 25, 2001); Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, on accessory tassels (December 3, 2008); Mainichi Shimbun, on accessory tassels (June 14, 2012); Fukuoka Prefecture Chusho Kigyo Dantai Chuokai, “News Fukuoka” information magazine (July 2012); Recruit Holdings, “Zexy” marriage information magazine (January 2013). 

Certification as a Yame Honryu traditional craft brand product by the Yame Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

[Intellectual property]
We possess one utility model registration, three design registrations, and two registered trademarks.

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Kyushu Head Office, SMRJ