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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:16

Kyokaori Co., Ltd.

Introducing traditional culture at a kimono dressing show

We work as kimono stylists who coordinate  kimono scenes in TV programs, movies, and commercials. Our unique sense of style allows us to express a suitable image for the role, which has been well-received by viewers. Taking advantage of such coordination, currently, we are engaged in promotion activities for Japan, appearing in events held in Japan as well as overseas. Also, at the event, we propose simple costumes that allow you to experience the kimono easily.


Sales Pitch

Introducing traditional culture at kimono dressing show
Kimono dressing show events
Our president Nobuaki Tomita holds original dressing shows in Japan and overseas as a kimono stylist and designer. We coordinate for kimono scenes in TV programs, movies, and commercials, dressing them neatly and carefully on the backstage. However, using that experience, we also hold events (anniversary events, etc.) for foreigners and people who have never worn kimonos before, in which they can wear kimono over their clothes and enjoy the feel of it.
Kimono fabrics, obi fabric, and accessories
•Production of accessories with silk fabric typically used for kimono and obi
•Proposal for daily accessories that use good fabric

Using the same fabric as the kimono and obi introduced at the event, we propose products that match that fabric. We make products following the theme of the event.

We can also propose it as a promotional item for other business categories.
Additionally, you can consult us on the remaking of your fabric (kimono, obi).
Interior goods
For the entrances of hotels, guest houses, and companies, we propose appealing interior products that are made of excellent traditional materials. Products such as interior boards, lighting fixtures, cushions, boxes used as amenity boxes give a modern yet traditional Japanese feel to the room. Kimono can also be a part of its appeal.  We can recommend how to use kimono as decoration.