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Latest update: 20/05/2020 20:00:09

nitoh-tsusho Corporation

“High-durability silicone paint” for protecting concrete and preventing rusting in steel materials

The inorganic and high-purity silicone paint requires half the number of processes as the conventional method and high-level functional capabilities such as durability, salt-damage resistance, and heat resistance (-50°C to +200°C) due to siloxane bonding, which enables shorter construction periods, address labor shortages and are effective in reducing management costs.

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Sale of long-lasting and high-performance silicone as a rust-prevention material for bridges, towers, plants, and marine structures
High-purity silicone has characteristics of UV resistance, salt-damage resistance, heat resistance (-50°C to +200°C), and vapor permeability, due to siloxane bonding. These characteristics lead to the long-term durability of the coating film, rust prevention owing to the insulating properties of silicone, and maintenance of secondary rust prevention performance by the main constituent of silicone oil, allowing long-lasting rust prevention in steel materials. 
Can be applied to rusted surfaces
Remove floating rust from the steel sheet with treatments (3 or more types of treatments). There is residual salt on the surface of the steel sheet in coastal areas. However, when the specified amount of guard paint is applied, water remains at the interface with the steel sheet, but vapor permeability will make the vapor evaporate outside. In the course of time , the inert oils in the coating film suppress rust by covering, impregnating, solidifying, and fixing the microscopic pores, rust, and salt content on the steel plate surface by the action of low surface tension. (Joint research with Tohoku University’s New Industry Creation Hatchery Center from May 2019)
Simplified maintenance of steel structures
The high-purity silicone paint has a strong bonding energy that prevents decomposition by UV light, and the elastic coating film can follow structural movement and expansion/contraction and vibration of the steel. In addition, the vapor permeability of the coating allows the release of moisture inside the concrete into open air. Maintenance of social infrastructure such as bridges, pylons, port facilities, and plants has been simplified by the use of a freeze suppression function used in cold regions, making it possible to address the shortage of workers and suppress maintenance costs.