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Latest update: 05/09/2019 11:31:57

SPark inc.

Anywhere in society. Beside you.

Our company has four strengths regarding system development: foresight, technical capabilities, achievements, and innovation. We support a wide range of fields from embedding to enterprises. We standardize development, promote combinations with built-in devices, and innovate SI by applying the extensive track record we have built up for over 20 years.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business and products and technology
Business description and features
Our business ranges from boot loaders, embedded Linux, and Android porting to various device drivers and applications. For example, our M2M Solution to link information in built-in equipment with cloud and tablet terminals is a technical element for A/D control, RS-485, CAN Open, IEEE1888, and P2P. Our company possesses knowledge about programming languages, and also communication protocols and hardware standards. We have knowhow about open source solutions such as OpenCV, OpenGL, and OpenMP in addition to our core technologies, including statistical mathematics and image processing, We propose CPU boards and cloud packages to customers looking for sensor information monitoring with low power consumption and cloud computing. We make proposals from CPU boards to cloud packages.
Outline of products and technologies
Kernel 3.04, RTOS; TCP/IP (TCP, UDP, PPP, HTTP, FTP, SSH, etc.); in-vehicle mounting (CAN, FlexRay); serial communication (RS-232C, Modbus, I2C) and USB communication
Toward matching
IT engineers are always expected to master new technology and a wide range of knowledge. We need to keep advancing with leading technologies by overcoming many obstacles, but what we acquire will certainly nourish us and help us overcome fierce competition. Our company promotes development  in communication, control, medicine, and various fields. Our engineers are doing R&D by digging deeply into a single specialized field. They have individual environments for daily work as researchers and are working to develop their skills in professional fields. We think that growth into an engineer with lifetime skills (confidence and scope) will contribute to society.

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