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Latest update: 26/02/2020 10:25:10

Aprotech Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

We also provide invisible quality.
Our partner factory in Dalian City, China manufactures precision mold parts and metal machine parts on consignment.
We handle plastic molded parts, die-cast parts, press-molded parts, punched parts, die parts, and many machine parts (electronic connectors, automotive functional parts, automobile parts, motorbike parts, and die-cast parts).
Assembly inspection before shipping is requested from the inspection division of the factory, and also from a third-party inspection division to raise the defect discovery rate and reduce defects after import to Japan. Our goal is to ensure accuracy and quality.
<Invisible quality>
We use a local Japanese material supply company for metals and a company doing thermal treatment under the guidance of a local Japanese company to ensure quality. Attaching their supply certificates provides invisible quality, such as material sources and thermal treatment reliability.
<Direct delivery to customer sites in China>
Our local partner factory can deliver products with the same quality as in Japan directly to a customer's Chinese site to save time and cost if the customer is exporting and supplying processed parts from their site in China to Japan.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We conduct consignment processing using supplied drawings (2D and 3D data) at several cooperating metalwork factories in Dalian, China. A feature of our on-site completion inspections is that they are reinforced by consignment to a third-party inspection division in addition to the inspection division of the manufacturing factory. This enables us to reduce the number of defects after importation. We have made rules about material procurement routes in order to prevent mistakes and cheating in the designated metal materials. This information is shared among our company, each cooperating factory, and material sales companies (Japanese and European companies.) We also designate excellent heat treatment plants that are utilized by Japanese affiliate companies in the area for heat treatment. This is how we build up an out-of-sight system that assures a sense of security.

[Business description]
We conduct consignment processing of precision die parts and metal machine parts at our cooperating factory in Dalian, China. We handle plastic die parts, die-cast mold parts, press die parts, punching, die parts, and many machine parts. These include electronic connectors, functional resin parts for automobiles, and die-cast parts for automobiles and motorcycles. We also import local products such as industrial products and miscellaneous goods.

Trading company

[Representative's message]
We conduct management of materials, heat treatment, and inspections at local sites in China so we can offer an out-of-sight sense of security regarding features other than dimensional accuracy. This is done by taking advantage of the knowledge and experience we have acquired in services as a die manufacturer for over 30 years. This information is shared among Japanese affiliate companies and material providers in the USA and Europe. We make use of excellent heat treatment plants that are utilized by Japanese affiliate companies in the area for heat treatment in order to shorten the delivery time. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by obtaining documented quality assurance from each company. Many companies handle consignment processing of die parts. Only a few can offer documented assurance of an out-of-sight system for a sense of security from material procurement to heat treatment. We want to offer a sense of security by making use of J-GoodTech.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
All of the products we currently manufacture in China are delivered only to customers in Japan. In the future, however, we plan to deliver products with Japanese-level quality directly to retail bases in China, and to reduce delivery times and costs. We also plan to advance planning and development as well as manufacturing and sales of products related to metalworking that are not handled by mass product manufacturers.

Secondhand dealer’s license.

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