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Latest update: 05/09/2019 11:31:57


We create products using our FreedomWasiProduct (FWP).
We propose merchandise manufactured by a Japanese paper free-forming technique, which are best suited to company and market needs.

Our company creates products using our FreedomWasiProduct (FWP).
FWP is a technique of forming and manufacturing Washi Japanese paper products by using molds for high-mix low-volume production.
FWP can form what cannot be formed by conventional molding technology.
FWP molds cost one digit less than conventional metal molds.
FWP is suitable for things in limited quantities but appealing in their originality. For example, FWP may be used for original pendant lamps at a specialty store, like a fruit shop pendant lamp that looks like a pear.
FWP features wide color variation.
FWP excels in unique structures and molded shapes that have never been available before.
FWP was used to commercialize the WASI mini-box multi-purpose card case by deep drawing, which had previously been thought to be impossible.
(Marketed April 1, 2017)
A parent application was filed for FWP in 2016.
FWP can produce fine images or figures on three-dimensional surfaces.
(Now under R&D.)


Sales Pitch

New merchandise utilizing the techniques of traditional crafts
Our company commercialized the world's first knife exclusively for handling chiffon cake.
Conventionally popular knives for chiffon cake are pallet knives used to prepare cake cream. These knives are too soft and flexible, so they bend in dies, regardless of the user's intention.
Many users complained of difficulty in removing sticky chiffon cake effectively and neatly from a die.
We conducted R&D with chiffon cake chefs and achieved a technology of manufacturing thin and sharp but strong forged knives. We successfully commercialized the Chiffon21 chiffon cake removal knife based on Japanese Echizen knives.
Chiffon21 has a blade shape adapted to a chiffon cake die shape, but it can also be used to cut cakes and bread. The blade shape is registered as a partial design.
Chiffon21 can be used for chiffon cake dies up to 21 cm in diameter. Knives for 23 cm diameter cakes are made to order because the market is limited. Our products support chiffon cake die cutting, and cut cakes and bread.

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