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Our company will continue to play the role in the society we have been given as much as we can. We conduct paving and civil engineering work, slope construction, soil improvement work, waterproofing and coating work, water utility work, plumbing, and construction work in the Amakusa area. One of our initiatives concerns environmental issues, and we manufacture low-footprint water-based Nano coating as a solution. We hope that it will spread in the market as an eco-friendly coating. Our water-based coating products are manufactured through environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, based on VOC (volatile organic compound) regulations. Our concept is to conform to environmental and customer needs, and we will work to provide reliable products that satisfy customers. 

A wealth of industrial experience: We deliver high-quality work in a timely manner.
Extensive business experience: We respond to customer needs, and provide support with flexibility and agility.
Low-cost business management with a lean organization structure: Our company offers products at reasonable prices.
Original product development: We offer suitable products for your work and field, which cannot be purchased from other companies.
Consideration for the environment and global warming: Our company manufactures and sells coating through environmentally friendly business practices. 

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Nano Cool A (temperature reduction/heat-shield coating)
Our company applies nanotechnology and we develop, manufacture, and sell functional coatings using water-based Nano coating as a base. For the past few years we have been promoting Nano Cool A temperature reduction and heat-shield coating in both domestic Japanese and overseas markets. 
Our company has acquired machinery and technology for nano sizing water-based coatings. The resulting coatings have high elasticity, adhesiveness, and waterproofness, making them suitable for a wide range of materials and locations. We add functional materials to the base coating agent and develop, manufacture, and sell specialized coatings. These include Eco Light light-storing coating, Kinless Coat antibacterial coating, and Nano Cool A temperature reduction and heat-shield coating.
New products are constantly developed to satisfy needs from a broad range of businesses. Our representatives respond to inquiries, so please feel free to contact us.

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