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Latest update: 07/01/2019 16:14:41

PT. Karya Energi Semesta


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[Sales Pitch]
• Industry / production with the main products of electric lighting equipment (including non-electrical lighting equipment) of high quality products that use environmentally friendly energy sources. 
• Public street lighting and LED lights save energy with Solar Power Systems are suitable for most parts of Indonesia are yet to get electricity, including procurement services and after-sales warranty. 
• The buyers of our products are buyers who put quality of goods bought. In addition to developing the potential market in the countries, we have a goal to develop export markets to the Southeast Asian and African countries. Currently we have started to export the products to Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea. 
• In the short term, our target is the potential market in Southeast Asia countries which are very promising. Our products and its quality are able to compete due to a favorable geographic location / close to Indonesia, labor costs are still within reasonable limits and affordable investment cost.
• Other major trading business activities. 

• Expansion of export markets to the developing countries (among other Southeast Asia and parts of Africa) in order to get greater market, and other countries whenever there is possibility.  
• Major trading activities related to the supply of our factory.
• Investment partner on future expansion program (mutual benefit).

• Product of LED energy-saving lights and tube lights (TL) single line 10 W & 20 W and double line 20 W. 
• LED street lights 20 W with solar panel (mono crystalline / polycrystalline) 100 Wp complete with SMS gateway technology for checking in real time of each device or by accessing the information system via the Internet to a host server.
• Solar home system (3 lights extra energy saving/ hanging and portable lamps) is equipped with a 17 Wp solar panel), other accessories and its completeness..
• Solar home system (4 lights super extra energy saving is equipped with a 30 Wp solar panel, remote control lighting remotely regulator and regulator of light intensity High, medium, low), other accessories and its completeness.
• Television 32 " solar energy, complete with 2X150 Wp of solar panel, battery 700 / 1000Wh, 3 pcs of LED lights, parabola, other accessories and its completeness.

[Tie-up Support Organization]
KADIN/ The Chambers of Commerce & Industry

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