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Pursuing cost and precision through collaboration between designers and processors

We are a manufacture that engages in the precision machining of parts of production equipment, automatic machines, as well as jigs and in the production of small-sized compressors. We are good at small lot production and high-precision or ultra-precision machining of one single item. We deliver finished products by performing processing, welding, polishing, and plating in an integrated fashion.

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Strong points
In Saka Industry Cp., Ltd., staff with processing techniques have direct meetings with the designer. This method allows the staff to make various proposals such as how to reduce costs and which processing method achieves strength or durability, while understanding the features and important points of the requested product. 
This are why our clients are satisfied with our products.
Small lot production or processing one single item
Do not worry about small lot production!
We can reduce processing cost even when we process one single item!
We are good at tackling these sorts of tasks. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation. 
It’s okay to rush!
Our company is able to complete the desired product as soon as possible! 
We strictly manage processing-related programs and actual processes such as machining and lathe work, and we eliminate redundancy from the processes, meaning we can complete the product as soon as possible with pleasure.  
When high-precision or ultra-precision machining is required!
Please entrust us with high-precision or ultra-precision machining. We have the type of reliable technological capability that comes to mind when you hear "made in Japan," as well as many years of experience and know-how when it comes to processing metal parts.
We are especially good at the following types of product processing!
Processing six pieces of products! A product that fits in the palm of your hand! 10 t in thickness! Made of aluminum! One-chuck machining! No edging!
If your requirement corresponds to any of the above, please immediately contact us for a quotation!
Energy-saving, ultra-small, and low-noise "SAKA Personal Compressor"
Ultra-small size
In most cases, conventional small compressors are nearly 10 kg in weight, and their size is nearly equal to that of a cardboard box for mandarin oranges. 
On the other hand, SAKA Personal Compressor developed by us fits in the palm of your hand and weighs approx. 4 kg. This is an ultra-small compressor the size of which has broken all the conventional rules.
The ultra-small size significantly expands the compressor's applications and the possibilities of where it can be installed. It also enables us to propose unprecedented ways for usage. We invite you to take a look at this amazingly compact size.
Significantly saving energy
Conventionally, air is sent throughout the factory. Such a centralized control system can be changed into a dispersive control system which delivers air only to the spaces requiring it. This is one of the advantages of this compressor: it eliminates redundant operation and saves energy.
Unprecedented quiet operation sound
Compressors generally remind us of "noise" and "vibration." Especially when it comes to conventional compressors, noise simply cannot be prevented, to the point where conversations are routinely interrupted by the start of a compressor.
SAKA Personal Compressor achieves silence that defies convention. The silent operation sound allows the compressor to be integrated with other products.

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