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Latest update: 11/06/2021 16:31:05

Medical Front Co,. Ltd.

We provide skin care and medical products utilizing tape technology

Thin urethane films and gentle adhesive skin gel that help with makeup
Developing tape medicines for skin care and therapeutic purposes that contain bioactive components in the adhesive 
Developing a range of products for the beauty industry 
 “Applied cosmetics” (for partial covering, lift-ups)
 “Applied cosmetics” for wounds (covering materials to cover and protect wounds)
(For more details on “applied cosmetics”, please see
Ultrathin armpit sweat block - A sheet that contains Ag - Waki Sarari Ag
Partial oil pack - For beauty effects, such as moisturizing, firming and whitening
Skin Renu skin disorder protective tape: Improves Atopy, ageing skin, and ageing skin disorders when applied for approximately two weeks
October 2020
Certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as “a company driving the future of the region”

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Sales Pitch

Cosmetic technological adhesive products that can improve stains, wrinkles, and scratches (rough skin)
Patches containing beauty ingredients
1. Adhesive cosmetic patch for improving wrinkles: Cosmetics (medicated)     that aim to promote the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.
We have basic data on enhancing collergen & elastin and it is also registered as a cosmetic ingredient
Patch that cleans and recovers to normal skin from rough skin like Atopy
Atopy is considered an anomaly of the immune system, and steroids and immunosuppressive drugs can be used to treat it but it comes back over the years, causing rough and inflammatory skin pigmentation that makes it  bothersome & concious to go outside.
We believe the prevention of inflammation and scratching together with killing or suppresses skin bacteria, and skin regeneration (improvement of rough skin) is necessary for those with such skin conditions, all of which can be achieved using Hada Renu.
It has been proven to improve the rough skin of those who have suffered from atopy for years - we are looking for sales partners for this product.
Development of atopic dermatitis treatment patches
Our atopy treatment guidelines aim to heal atopy and ensure a healthy life. The medical agents use in atopy treatment include either steroids or tacrolimus, which have strong anti-inflammatory properties but have their own disadvantages, such as exacerbating rough skin and breeding infectious germs (causing side effects such as increased acne). Given this, we are engaged in pharmaceutical development that aims to produce medical agents with anti-inflammatory and sterilization effects and wound healing properties that also prevent scratching. When applied to a child who had suffered from atopy for years, the symptoms healed within two weeks; the symptoms have not recurred during the 10-month follow-up period.
We wish to make it a certified drug, and are looking for cooperation in doing so

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