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We support sports and education through application development

We develop and operate sports improvement support apps utilizing image processing and video analysis technologies. We develop apps that do not require sensors or special devices and that are inexpensive and simple so that they can be used by anyone. We provide a smartphone app that solves issues and satisfies demands such as amateur sportspeople/teams’ wish to improve or become stronger, those lacking a coach, those looking to discover athletes, and athletes wanting to become more recognized.

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It is an app used on a PC, smartphone, or tablet for analyzing games such as soccer, rugby, or basketball.

By performing game analysis for all team members, it allows you to ascertain what each member does not understand and can therefore proceed with comparison and adjustment of awareness between the coach and players. In addition, the video editing and analysis work that has been conducted by the coach can be shared with the whole team.
A camerawork auto editing app for on-demand broadcasting of classes.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, educational institutions either started or started to consider online classes. There are various ways of conducting classes, and one of those ways is on-demand broadcasting of the lecture content. Advantages of on-demand broadcasting include the fact that it allows reviewing of lectures at a later date if there are communication issues during the lecture or if one was unable to attend, and one’s capacity to download the lecture in advance, avoiding possible communication issues by reducing the real-time transmission of the video during the lecture. However, it took the teachers more effort and time than they expected to prepare, record and edit content, and the video data is large in size, resulting in long download times for students. Therefore, it was necessary to put measures in place such as making shorter videos owing to the limitations of the school servers.

We developed Lecta to resolve these issues.
Clipstro/Clipstro Gold
 It is an app that automatically converts video captured on an iPhone into an action shot video like those used for sports commentaries on TV.

Clipstro Golf
 It is an app that applies Clipstro technology to automatically convert a video into an action shot video specifically designed for golf swings.

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