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Latest update: 24/05/2022 16:52:16

CLINO Corporation

CLINO Corporation is a start-up company by collaborating with Tohoku University.

TUBERO was one of the super COE programs started in 2003 by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and was concluded in March 2008. CLINO has begun its with the purpose to realize clinical application of many patients and to commercialize the excellent medical engineering research products from four of the 20 TUBERO research teams.
CLINO’s company philosophy is to contribute to the society through “clinical innovation”.

●Research & Development / Project
 ・Developments of medical devices and medical metals
   ・CRAS-3.0(Cell Respiration Assay System)
 ・Development of diagnostic and therapeutic agents for conformation diseases
   ・Development of Gene therapy & vision regeneration
 ・Promotion of non-clinical studies using large animals


The Cell Respiration Assay System (CRAS) is a fine assay system that utilizes an electrochemical measurement technology. This system consists of a potentiostat, inverted microscope, and internal respiratory measurement PC software. By scanning a microprobe, it electrochemically measures the concentration gradient of dissolved oxygen in the offshore and proximity of the sample and calculates its respiratory volume using a spherical diffusion formula. The plate used in this measurement has six inverted conical wells, which allow consecutive measurements. This device measures the oxygen consumption non-invasively by scanning the microprobe through the proximity of the sample. Its measurement method does not affect the cell's respiratory activity or embryogenesis.