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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:33

NanoCarrier Co.,Ltd.

We are a pharmacological venture business based on foundational technology that uses nanotechnology to help improve people's health and raise their quality of life

NanoCarrier promotes the development of new anticancer drugs by taking full advantage of DDS technology. We develop drugs that increase the effect of drugs on treatment, alleviate their side effects, obviate the need for treatment in hospital, and promote other trends to raise the quality of life of patients. These products also have various other effects such as reducing the financial burden on patients for treatment. This is how we contribute to society. NanoCarrier conducts joint research with drug suppliers that possess candidate drugs and other materials in addition to our in-house development.

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Our advantages in new drug development
Development of drugs with micelle-embedded nanoparticles is expected to enable various approaches. These include approaches that control drug release from inside micelle-embedded nanoparticles, thereby keeping them under concentrations that trigger side effects and thus increasing safety, approaches that increase the in-blood sustainability of drugs and other substances that rapidly disappear soon after being administered, and approaches that increase the effect of drugs by raising their transfer to ulcers or other targets.

More specifically, micelle-embedded nanoparticles can be added to chemical compounds already recognized for their pharmaceutical effects, new compounds that researchers have given up on developing, and compounds expected to be effective against new diseases. These particles impart advantages such as lower side effects, higher medicinal effects, efficacy against new diseases, and higher convenience.

From nanotechnology to the development of nanomedicine
NanoCarrier is a pharmaceutical venture business with a unique new drug delivery technology assisted by leading-edge nanotechnology developed in Japan. We apply our medical-engineering collaboration to attempt to develop innovative drugs. We feature a unique platform technology. Enclosing highly toxic anticancer drugs in capsules of the order of nanometers (1 × 10-9m)* (micelle-embedded nanoparticles), we can develop nanomedicine designed to be delivered to tumor sites for prolonged periods without damaging the surrounding normal cells.
Application of leading-edge technology to drugs
Nanomedicine is a new drug delivery system (DDS) based on nanometer-level polymers born from our joint research with Prof. Kazunori Kataoka of Tokyo University and Prof. Mitsuo Okano of Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital. It is the application of micelle complexes containing anticancer drugs or other medicine. Nanomedicine selectively delivers medicine to the cancer cells in affected regions via the blood, thereby effectively attacking the cancer cells. It also releases medicine little by little into the blood over a period of time, which is expected to alleviate the strong side effects typical of anticancer drugs.
Development of cosmetics in collaboration with external parties
Our core technology involves micelle-embedded nanoparticles. During a joint study of skin absorption tests on drugs with a drug supplier, they were found to have the characteristic of accumulating in surface layers without allowing medicine to pass through the dermis or blood vessels. We learned that this characteristic was particularly needed for cosmetics, so in October 2010 we released Beauty Liquid Éclafutur W, which is a mix of hinokitiol, which is presumably good for the skin, vitamin C derivative, and vitamin E contained in micelles.

Micelle-embedded nanoparticles are based on polymers used in drug development. They are highly safe, and well-balanced between safety, penetrability, storability, and gradual releasability. They have been winning a very high reputation from consumers for their feel of smoothly penetrating the skin and other unprecedented sensations.

Our technology is a good match for cosmetics, and can be used to develop cosmetics in collaboration with other developers.
Regenerative medicine PRP therapy
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is rich in growth factors that promote cell growth. When injected into a local area of the human body, PRP promotes the restoration of tissues and other phenomena. PRP-assisted therapy is conducted in orthopedic surgery and other fields, and it has started to be applied to infertility treatment in Japan. We support infertility treatment by marketing our Aeon Acti-PRP.

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