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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:51


Portal company that serves as the portal of commercializing iPS technology 

Various services related to iPS cells
Providing disease/gene polymorphis iPS cells (national strategic special zone in Kyoto: Certified)
Services related to an open laboratory equipped with equipment related to drug discovery and cell culture
iPS infrastructure services (establishment, maintenance, culture, change, and differentiation induction)
Contract-based evaluation, co-development, and selling of equipment, tools, reagents, culture media, etc. that are related to iPS cells
Education and training services
Support for entering into iPS-related business
Activities of the PS Cells Business Council  

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Business description
Research supports and contract testing service
In order to support your company's research (drug discovery, regenerative medicine, cosmetics, and functional foods), our team of science fellows and experimental experts specializing in research in stem cells (including iPS cells) and regenerative medicine research will offer a menu of research support and contract testing that incorporate new technologies and know-how.
Development support services
From the perspective of experts in handling iPS cells, we will evaluate the performance of cell culture equipment, analyzers, imaging equipment, culture-related devices, media, reagents, etc. which are developed by your company, by using iPS cells and differentiated cells. We will provide total support from concept planning establishment to evaluation tests and sales support for developed products.
Education and Training services
For people ranging from those who have no experience in cell culture to researchers who are actually conducting iPS cell culture, we provide training programs to meet your needs. The programs range from basic courses to hands-on training and technical training.
Business support services
Our team of analysts, who understand science and have experience in business development and business plan formulation, together with our team of scientists which has abundant achievements in contributing to regenerative medicine and drug discovery research, will support your company’s commercialization in the life science field from both science and business perspectives, by evaluating your company’s technologies, planning new businesses, and promoting commercialization.
Regenerative medicine related services
Regenerative medicine is a medical means in which cells are actively used to regenerate the functions of body tissues or internal organs that suffer an impairment or are dysfunctional. Regenerative medicine is expected to be used as an alternative to organ transplantation medicine which is affected by a shortage of donors, and as a curative treatment for intractable diseases. In order to contribute to the development of regenerative medicine, we will support your efforts for introducing and developing regenerative medicine as well as cell therapy technologies and for obtaining approval for the above medicine and technologies.

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