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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:42

Biodynamic Plant Institute Co.,Ltd.

We offer commissioned analysis of functional ingredients in foods and other products!

Our company aims to contribute to society by making use of our analytical expertise.

In publicizing the health advantages of foods, we believe it is important to identify the functional components involved in health promotion.

Our company provides commissioned analysis of functional components contained in health foods and other products, as well as analysis of trace quantities of functional components (metabolites, etc.) contained in living organisms.

We also provide isolation, identification, and other handling of functional components contained in food materials.

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Component analysis functionality display system
The functional food labeling system was newly introduced on April 1, 2015, as a third type following "Food for Specified Health Uses" and "Nutrition Function Food."

The functional labeling system allows companies and producers to submit notifications to the Consumer Affairs Agency based on scientific evidence, and to specify on product packages health effects that were not previously approved for foods, such as "suppressing the absorption of fat" or "for eye health in middle-aged and older people."
Advantages of our functionality display system
The advantage of this system is that it will make it easier for consumers to choose specific products, since what was previously regarded as good for unspecified reasons will be clarified.

For companies, it is also expected to lead to increasing sales.

In particular, now that it is possible to label the functionality of fresh foods, producers are paying attention to this as a key factor in future product development.
Component analysis and consulting
At our company, we use the latest analytical equipment to analyze the various functional components in processed foods, vegetables, fruit, and so on, and to propose solutions for companies and producers who want to label their products with functional properties, and to assist in the development of high-value-added products.

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