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Latest update: 20/10/2020 10:04:40

PharmaCo-Cell Company Ltd.

We offer an innovative and reliable in vitro Blood-brain barrier model, BBB Kit

PharmaCo-Cell is a biotech spin-off company of Nagasaki University, Japan. BBB Kit has been developed and commercialized by our original cell culturing technologies.

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BBB Kit, an innovative and reliable in vitro Blood-brain barrier model
1) in vitro BBB model
2) Ready-to-use
3) Using 3 types of BBB-related cells from rat or monkey brain.
4) Good correlations between Drug CNS-permeability data from in vivo and that from BBB Kit
BBB Kit is an in vitro model of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) composed of three types of BBB-related cells. All cells are primary isolated from Rat or Monkey brain which retain a lot of in vivo features. BBB Kit is useful for drug BBB permeability assay and basic researches on BBB. There have been more than 24 original research papers published from our customers all over the world.
1) Drug permeability assay for the drug development and fuctional ingredients research
2) Drug discovery researches by targeting BBB
3) Basic researches related to BBB



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