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Latest update: 05/03/2020 10:52:35

Techno-Speech, Inc.

We are developing our business by disseminating the world's most advanced voice-related technology, providing speech synthesis and singing voice synthesis technology using the latest AI technology in a form that can be installed in various products and services.

Techno-Speech was founded to disseminate the world's most advanced voice-related technology developed mainly by the National University Corporation Nagoya Institute of Technology.

We aim to provide high-quality services utilizing the results of extensive research and development to give something back to society.

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Case example 1
Joysound Vocal Assist
Our singing voice synthesis engine has been introduced as a vocal assist function for JOYSOUND karaoke. Unlike the conventional model vocalist's song, the singing voice is synthesized from the model vocalist's voice to support your karaoke singing real-time. Currently, nearly all Japanese songs are supported.

Official website of Joysound Vocal Assist:
CeVIO project
Our company participates in the CeVIO project to support user-generated content and provides speech synthesis and singing voice synthesis engines. In the CeVIO project, we sell CeVIO Creative Studio voice creation software and install/operate CeVIO Vision, a two-way voice guidance digital signage. Additionally, the project is creating new entertainment content in various situations, for example, by showing characters that sing and sing with the synthetic voice on TV and radio programs.

CeVIO project official website:
Our voice synthesis engine has been adopted for inforoid, an AI character for 3D signage. This signage realizes natural communication for everyone, by recognizing each person and speaking to them, conversing only with voice. It is not just an ordinary information terminal. Inforoid is expected to become a topical gimmick for commercial facilities, promoting and branding sightseeing spots, thereby attracting customers and revitalizing the community.

Official inforoid website:
Case example 2
Haruroid Minami (HAL-O-ROID)
Our voice synthesizer technology was introduced to HAL-O-ROID, a virtual artist who reproduces the voice of the national singer, Haruo Minami. By modeling the singing voices recorded before his death with the latest technology, we created a natural and expressive original voice as if Mr. Minami himself was singing. With CeVIO Creative Studio, anyone can have HAL-O-ROID sing their favorite songs freely. It is the first time in the industry that the deceased's synthesized singing voice has been made available to the public.

Haruoroid Minami (HAL-O-ROID)
Health Kingdom Karaoke for Pepper (tentative)
Our singing voice synthesis technology was introduced to Health Kingdom Karaoke for Pepper (tentative), a karaoke app for nursing care facilities that won the “Best Award” at the final of the “Pepper App Challenge 2017” competition. Pepper sings together, performs a duet, and comments before and after the song, playing an active role as an assistant and enlivening karaoke. By introducing it to nursing care facilities, it is expected to resolve the shortages of workforce and contents in the field.

Health Kingdom Karaoke for Pepper (tentative):

* This application was developed independently by Xing Inc., for Softbank Robotics' Pepper.
Score Maker ZERO series
Our Japanese singing voice synthesis engine was adopted for the singing function of the Score Maker ZERO series. Score Maker ZERO series is software that converts printed musical scores into the playable electronic musical scores. The created electronic scores can be edited, played, and printed freely, and are widely used for practicing singing and musical instruments.

The official website of Score Maker ZERO series (Kawai Musical Instrument):
Case example 3
Regain Rejapan project
In the Regain Rejapan project of Regain energy drink, our Japanese singing voice synthesis engine was introduced to the system that allows everyone to create a parody of the commercial song easily. When you enter a favorite lyrics on the official website of the campaign, the synthesized voice sings along to the melody of the CM song “Yuki no Shirushi (a sign of courage).” More than 17,500 songs were posted during the campaign and went viral. 

The official website of “Regain Rejapan Project: -
Note: Since this campaign was implemented in 2012, the site is currently closed.

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