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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:55

Healthcare Systems Co., Ltd.

For a healthy longevity society supported by healthcare checks and functional foods

On a contract basis, we analyze healthcare checks dedicated to presymptomatic disease states. The healthcare checks include inspections of oxidative stress markers, which indicate oxidation of bodies, and of soybean isoflavone's capacity, which is recently receiving increasing attention, to produce bacterial metabolites (equol) in the intestine. We not only perform analysis for research by universities and food manufacturers, but also provide mail order inspection services for the general public. We, a venture company which originated from a faculty of agriculture, are making efforts to develop functional materials of food and cosmetics. In relation to this, we research and develop coprinus comatus, a mushroom which contains a rich amount of ergothioneine (an antioxidant component), and cassis as well as boysenberries harvested in New Zealand. We also sell the raw materials of these products.

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Mail order inspection business
By utilizing proven technologies nurtured in the university and inspection technologies uniquely developed by us, we have developed mail order inspection services dedicated to presymptomatic disease states. There are many biomarkers that indicate the risks or seriousness of lifestyle- or age-related diseases. However, biomarkers for clarifying dietary life or lifestyles, which are the causes of the above diseases, are not common.     
Our company focuses on health functions of food consumed daily, and has been developing mail order inspection kits related to themes such as beauty and aging, in which everyone can be interested in. The kit specimens are urine, excrement, etc. that are discharged from human bodies on a daily basis. A characteristic of the inspections is that they are not painful, unlike blood collection or other methods. Through the inspections, we provide opportunities which enable users to grasp the changes in their bodies and to learn about clues related to their lifestyles and which urge them to change their behavior. 
One of the inspection kits is "Soy Check" for inspecting capacity for producing equol whose function is similar to that of a female sex hormone. We are increasing the types of inspection kits such as those for urine tests for the intestinal environment, for active oxygen tests for oxidative stress, and for inspections of salt consumption or sperm constituents.   
-Biomarkers for presymptomatic disease states 
-Rich know-how and knowledge in processes ranging from development to distribution
-Non-invasive and self-collection type  
-History of clinical tests in cooperation with companies and municipalities
Contract-based inspection business
As a venture company that originated from a university, we have actually conducted measurements on a lot of inspection items. 
Equipment for analyzing enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), laser microanalysis (LM), mass spectrometry (MS), real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), and other components allows us to analyze not only biological samples including blood, urine, saliva, and tears, but also food samples.
Clinical test business
We are good at clinical tests that are conducted in the field suitable for the purpose. The clinical tests include pre-clinical tests in which the number of subjects is small, large-scale clinical tests in which there are several hundred subjects, remote clinical trials in an online environment, industry-academia-government collaboration clinical tests in collaboration with municipalities or universities, and in-house clinical tests.       
We independently manage and perform all the processes including consulting on clinical test design and other conditions, analysis of statistics, presentations on theses or at conferences, and the notification of foods with functional claims. By doing these, we are able to swiftly and flexibly meet clients' needs.

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