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Challenge to the unknown!
Microtec for micro-crushing, micro-luminescence, and fine particle measurement

From the standpoint of supporting bio-research, our company develops and manufactures research and inspection equipment using three core technologies — crushing, optical measurement, and image analysis. The product lineup is expanding from the field of physics and chemistry to the areas of food and medicine.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Our company develops, manufactures, and sells various analysis and measurement instruments for physics and chemistry. Among them, our experimental cell tissue disrupter (homogenizer) is a standard device that is favored by many customers in the domestic research institutes.  And the micro-disruption technology for physics and chemistry (homogenizing) has become our strength.

Besides, we have many proven track records in bioluminescence and chemiluminescence measurement instruments in terms of the extensive scope of technological application, and the orders for custom-built devices and OEM production. 

Regarding zeta potential measurement devices, our device employs a unique image analysis utilizing microscopic electrophoresis, and there are signifcant requirements for this device in Japan as well as overseas.
Main product/technology outline
As a fine pulverization technology, our Hiscotron homogenizer is widely used in the bio and medical fields. We have a wide range of product lineups in the catalog, from small to large.

As for technology for measuring faint light, we delivered Luminometer, faint luminescence measuring equipment, to many customers for OEM and custom orders. We have the technology to measure and analyze ultra-weak light emission that is invisible to the human eye.

Additionally, as a technology for analyzing images, we have developed image analysis technology for R&D, as well as robot devices that use high-resolution CCD cameras.
About business matching
Despite being an SME, our company has produced many products that are superior to those of any overseas manufacturer. Our future goal is to develop scientific instruments that can become the world's de-facto standard in the growing biotechnology industry. Please contact us if you have any issues or have an interest in fine pulverization, faint light emission, and particle measurement products.

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