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We provide the highest level of peptide engineering services for drug discovery research

We conduct research and development of high-quality, extremely low-cost peptide-based active pharmaceutical ingredients. Molecular Hiving ™ can perform high-purity peptide synthesis by performing a unique process analysis method that is not possible with solid-phase methods. We combine Peptune™ technology, which is a new cyclic peptide synthesis technology with Molecular Hiving™ and apply it to new drug development techniques and promote its application in drug discovery. 

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Smiles all around the world with peptide drugs
Generic drug development business
Leveraging the strength of Molecular Hiving technology, which can greatly improve costs for active pharmaceutical ingredient, allows us to develop generic drugs that other companies cannot develop.

[Molecular Hiving ™ technology]
High-quality, short-term, and low-cost peptide synthesis technology
○ No specialist equipment or production facilities are required, and general manufacturing equipment can be utilized.
○ New generation peptide synthesis technology that combines the advantages of solid-phase synthesis and liquid-phase synthesis
○ Our company provides packages that include manufacturing procedures, in-process control methods, and analytical methods for active drug ingredients or GMP compliant/GMP non-compliant products (from mg to Kg scale or more).
Administration method improvement product development business
We provide patients who need peptide drugs with products that can improve QOL (quality of life) by optimally combining the cost advantage of active pharmaceutical ingredients manufactured by Molecular Hiving technology with superior administration technology by other companies.
New peptide drug development business
We aim to use Peptune technology to develop and launch innovative and best-in-class pharmaceuticals that meet as-yet unmet medical needs and contribute to the medical economy.

{Peptune™ technology]
Novel cyclic peptide synthesis technology
Cyclization is performed with tagged peptides synthesized using Molecular Hiving™
Our company uses Peptune™ in combination with Molecular Hiving™ to develop new drugs and is promoting the technology’s application in drug discovery.

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