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Latest update: 09/06/2020 18:11:22

On-chip Biotechnologies Co., Ltd

Manufacturer of the world’s first microfluidic chip-based cell sorter, On-chip Sort

We, On-chip Biotechnologies, developed the world’s first microfluidic chip-based cell sorter, On-chip Sort. The use of microfluidic chips allows maintenance-free, damage-free, and contamination-free cell analysis and sorting. We have also developed a single cell dispenser, On-chip SPiS, and an emulsion droplet generator, On-chip Droplet Generator, to complement On-chip Sort. The combination of On-chip Sort, On-chip SPiS and/or On-chip Droplet Generator will allow us to assist researchers in accelerating the world’s new discoveries in life science, drug development and diagnostics.

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Features of On-chip Sort
• Damage-free sorting
On-chip Sort uses a unique ‘Flow Shift’ sorting mechanism for cell isolation in order to minimize post-sorting cell changes (e.g., morphological changes, delayed cell growth, decrease in cell viability and alterations in gene expression). Therefore, sorting is possible without causing cell damage even for cells that are susceptible to stress.

• Sterile and contamination-free sorting
Unlike conventional cell sorters, On-chip Sort is compact enough to fit inside a bio-safety cabinet. As On-chip Sort does not produce aerosols during sorting, it is competent to handling biohazardous samples. In addition, the use of a disposable and sterilized chip as the core of its technology allows the prevention of cross-contamination between samples.  

• Use of any sheath fluid of your choice
On-chip Sort works on the basis of regulating liquid flow inside the microchannels of the chip, hence the use of a wide variety of liquids for the sheath fluid is made possible. For instance, culture medium, sea water and oil can be used as the sheath fluid for sorting of cells, marine organisms, and water-in-oil emulsion droplets, respectively. 

• Sorting of large particles such as spheroids
Unlike conventional cell sorters, On-chip Sort does not use nozzle in its sorting mechanism. Therefore, we are able to sort spheroids up to 140 µm in size. This is particularly useful in doing drug susceptibility assays for efficacy evaluation of cancer treatment. 

• Multi-step sorting for rare cell isolation
With the use of our disposable microfluidic chip and the unique damage-free sorting technology, multi-step sorting can be performed on On-chip Sort to isolate a rare population of cells from a highly concentrated heterogenous sample. Multi-step sorting works by using liquid pulses to deflect a target cell and its surrounding non-target cells into the collection reservoir at the first sort. During the second sort, the isolated cells are reintroduced into the sample reservoir and re-sorted further to reduce the number of non-target cells and enrich the rare target cells.  This step is repeated until all the non-target cells are removed. 

• Easy and maintenance-free operation
The operation of On-chip Sort is straightforward. Lasers are only turned on during analysis and sorting, hence no warmup time is required. When experiment is finished, On-chip Sort is turned off to shut down.  As all the liquids on the chip are driven by air pressure, no liquid will be in contact with any parts of the instrument. Therefore, no cleaning and maintenance are required after using On-chip Sort.
Features of On-chip SPiS
• Dispensing of small to large single particles
On-chip SPiS allows for accurate dispensing of single particles sized between 7 µm and 200 µm. 

• Compact and easy operation
On-chip SPiS is compact enough to fit inside a biosafety cabinet and it is easy to operate. 

• Inbuilt auto-dilution function and CCD camera image recognition
On-chip SPiS has an inbuilt auto-dilution function that automatically adjusts the sample into the optimal concentration required for dispensing. Cell count detection is done by image recognition via CCD camera.
Features of On-chip Droplet Generator
• Generating uniform and stable droplets
On-chip Droplet Generator produces stable and uniformly sized droplets using our disposable microfluidic chip.

• Size adjustment by pressure regulation
On-chip Droplet Generator allows droplet size adjustment by controlling the pressure applied to sample and oil.

• Monitoring of generated droplets using microscope unit
On-chip Droplet Generator enables monitoring of droplets generated in real time.

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