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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:31

OST Co., Ltd.

We aim to improve QOL (Quality Of Life), contributing to the healthy lives of people.

Research and development of medical simulated living bodies for medical use (Phantom). In particular, we are developing a simulated living body for breast cancer that simulates the basic composition of the breast (skin, subcutaneous fat, mammary gland, and the posterior space of the mammary gland) as well as developing a simulated living body for medical devices that diagnose and treat kidney stones and tumors.

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OST Phantom
Biomimetic material: WRTMM four parameter controls
OST has developed a material, WRTMM, that can adjust the reflection luminance, attenuation, hardness, and sound velocity in a wide range utilizing research work accumulated on a steady basis.
It is possible to reproduce biological soft tissue in a form that resembles each tissue.
In addition, it is possible to meet a variety of requirements as it can be created as a phantom that can be combined in any shape or linked with a jig.
1. Reflected brightness control
It is possible to create new phantoms by combining existing phantoms with different brightness levels.

2. Attenuation control
Attenuation can be controlled without changing the brightness level, within a range of 0.01–1.5 dB/cm/MHz . 

3. Stiffness control
The stiffness can be controlled without changing the brightness level.

4. Sound velocity control
Sound velocity can be controlled without changing the brightness level.
Phantom restoration
We also repair phantoms.
If the phantom is damaged, it will be difficult to view images using ultrasound.
We can repair the damage to enable you to see images again.

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