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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:45

ProteinExpress Co., Ltd.

Engaging in "protein production technology" which is our core competence, we aim to "be the hub of protein functional analysis." 

By fully utilizing protein synthesis technology, our company provides research support services, pursues new possibilities of biological medicines, and creates revolutionary R & D tools, diagnostic pharmaceuticals, diagnostic measures,  measurement methods, and therapeutic medicines. 

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Business overview
Services of plasmid construction and gene analysis 
Mainly engaging in protein expression vector construction, we provide a variety of services such as artificial gene synthesis, base sequence analysis, and vector replacement. 
Examples of our works
From artificial gene synthesis to protein expression vector construction
Gene sequence confirmation
Mutation introduction 
Tag sequence insertion
Mass preparation of plasmid
Preparation of low-endotoxin plasmid
Commission-based protein expression service
By using a variety of expression systems such as microorganisms, cell-free translation systems, and animal cells, we carry out expression tests for desired protein. 
Affinity resin for antibody purification
ProteinExpress Co., Ltd. developed alkali-resistant mutants of proteins A, L, and G which are ligand proteins for antibody purification. Furthermore, under the Strategic Foundational Technology Improvement Support Operation (FY2011, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency), we have carried out the development and production of the protein A mutant which had been developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and which allows for the elution of antibodies in a mild acid condition, pH 4.
In 2014, under support from the Innovation Commercialization Venture Support Project (executed by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), we developed the commercialization of resins in which these ligands are immobilized, and have commercialized them as resins for antibody purification. 



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