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Latest update: 18/08/2017 18:47:25

HAMASTAR Technology Co., Ltd.

We provide innovative software applications and customized services. The versatile product included eLearning, Smart Campus, Interactive eBook Authoring Software, Knowledge Management, Meeting Management System, Mobile Applications and Cloud Service.

Our company pursues progress with superb efforts to create the value of software services. To integrate with the three-pronged strategies consists of R&D, service and consulting. We develop reliable and professional software-service for remarkable enterprises. In addition, our company collaborates with diverse industry associations, academic and industry consultants. This brings about identification of high-value opportunities and discovery in innovative solutions to reinforce your businesses.


The system offers a complete package for eBook editing and renovating with reading functions, with just basic steps, users are able to integrate various multimedia along with imported PDF or PPT files, in order to create their unique digital designs. In addition, SimMAGIC eBook provides simulation technique to interact with users not only read but also be part of it. Well-created eBook allows user to use it anywhere, anytime which it also supports multiple platforms, making it the most outstanding and learning publication choice. • Friendly editing interfaces. • An eBook that exports to cross-platform at once, making restrictions no longer concern. • Comprehensive reading function, provides quality and comfort experience. • Fast and easy: To create interactive multimedia eBooks with just four simple steps. • Import PDF and PPT slides directly. Various interactive function including: Text input, page redirecting, mouse dragging, image clicking, error warning and more.

The enterprise sales aid system R&D is on the purpose of digital economy. Basically, the system integrates product leaflet, brochure and related multimedia information onto the platform. By editing e-book on the multifunctional software, perfectly presents products functionality and features. The frontline salesperson can easily access and download the up-to-date catalogues without any limitation. Which providing the immediate supporting to clients. This concept can generally implement on any business. • Push technology, notified new product arrivals and the latest news • Show dynamic statistic analysis and export Excel reports • Supported various mobile readers • Flexible control mechanism on varying authority • Synchronized updating operation

This allows user to create, edit and share eBooks through portable devices anywhere at any time, while fully adapting it’s features by updating directly onto sever after editing. Additionally, mobile eBook has friendly interface which allows user to add and renovate with real-time images and sounds. Making GoEzB the most fascinating App to create your own book! • Mobile editing • Capture and use instantly • User friendly interface • Access your eBook through instant Cloud sharing

A virtual learning classroom provides the convenient environment for education conducting. The eBook transpose system makes course preparation rapidly. Aside from various digital teaching materials displaying technique, the system can conduct examination. ClassHub sustains mobile application which brings the advantage of cross-platform utility. Increasing the convenience on mobile learning at anyplace, anytime. Synchronized educating and in-time analysis allow learning effect be controllable. All in all, the system not only optimizes the environment of digital learning, but also contributes a thoroughly digital educating resource platform for the learners. • Automatically eBook transposing • The IRS in-time activities • The conduct of pop quiz • The QR code capacity for exam conducting • Analyses the results of class activities participation • Analyses the results of examination • Supporting cross-platform sync broadcasting

System creates eco-friendly meeting which can synced up with parallel system. This avoids the situation of missing out notes with digital meeting minutes. furthermore, MeetingHub determines meeting efficient through previous meeting analysis. • Automated online electronic document conversion • Query personal and daily meetings • Search by documents and category • Cross-platform publication • Supports portable devices • Set meeting information accessing permissions • Cross-platform (PC/IOS/Android) meeting visuals synchronization

This platform provides eBook upload and download, allowing administrator to maintain and monitor easily. The platform is compatible with various file formats that can be uploaded to different devices including PC, iPad, iPhone. Nevertheless, fully record and analyze user’s reading habits and quizzes history, where administrator can have a full glance of participant’s status. • Supports various file formats • In-book searching by categories • Manage and make note to eBook on shelf • Note sharing function to enhance knowledge • Easier homework assignment through the portal • Bookshelf category and eBook adjustment management • Offline reading feedback • Automatic carrier detection and document generation • Provide eBook history learning statistical analysis • Online statistical analysis and export into Excel file

Rom e-learning materials management, personal learning record cloud, interactive response system to cross-platform apps, we provide complete digital learning mechanism. Our product extends the application of innovative teaching. It’s not just the digital learning environment, but also the best solution for integrated management of cloud learning resources. • Making the most convenient for instructors to prepare teaching materials. • Integrate in-class activities for reverse teaching application. • In class sync up between teachers and students, provides parallel learning. • Allows teacher instantly prepare teaching materials, enhance learning efficiency. • Synchronization technology to provide learning motivation. • In class impromptu activities and feedback through IRS system making results all in a glance. • Multiple screens reflect student’s in class participation while enhance problem solving abilities. • Parents and teachers stay connected through cloud contact book.

eBookHub was invented as a trend of going paperless, providing a platform for periodical magazines, product catalogues or personal works for not only individual user, but also suitable for publishing, institution, governmental use purpose. Though a single platform, user can easily demonstrate the best solution for editing personal eBook. • Simulate real-time reading experience through page flipping. • No software download required, just upload book materials to form page-flipping eBook. • Satisfying needs on over 40 reading tools for PC version eBook. • Export various mobile formats with one go. • Mobilize eBook with our free APP. • All-in-one solution for purchasing, converting, publishing and eBook management.

This is an effective solution for training requirements. It significantly improves industrial training processes through a complete user interface simulation. In addition, there is an immediate failure prevention mechanism aimed at operation process errors and at the same time record learning process and analyze learning assessment to better understand problematic processes and steps when operating, strengthening training and promoting education and training results and effectively helping businesses produce organizational efficiency. • Improve on the spot teaching efficiency using software simulation • Abnormal failure prevention integrated with forum database • What you see is what you get operation mode • Manipulate learning statistical analysis • Object oriented training material management