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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:22

Web I Laboratories, Inc.

A group of experts on project management and IT

Our company offers the immensely popular “Koutei’s” work schedule creation software and other products and services that are adapted to Japan’s unique project management style to help solve issues and enhance competitiveness for the customer.

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Examples of applicable industries and themes (made-to-order type production control)
Frequent Issue 1: "We want to manage processes accurately by referencing similar manufacturing projects in the past."
When there is a similar production record in the past, you can create a highly accurate plan efficiently by referring to the actual record. The use of actual production data in the past allows you to accumulate production schedules as assets.

•Web I's recommendation
You can schedule the process highly accurately and efficiently by reusing the actual records with our process schedule creation tool, instead of the conventional manually drafted process schedule. Recording the real data allows you to use much information at the planning phase. For example, you can see why the original plan had to change, and if the initial estimate was reasonable. It also enables sharing the plan within the department, which facilitates uniform and thorough planning utilizing the know-how of veteran employees.
•Frequent Issue 2: “We want to create a feasible schedule, taking personnel and equipment capacity into account
When scheduling with a pen and paper or spreadsheet software, it is not easy to make a plan based on the availability of personnel or equipment on any given day. For this reason, even if you managed to keep the schedule, you may still have to reschedule due to the lack of staff or equipment.

•Web I's recommendation
Our process schedule creation tool has a function that links the load on the staff and equipment with the production activity, thereby adding up the figures in real-time. By using this function, you can create a plan that does not put excessive workload to anyone. Besides, Kamui Orario, Kotei’s scheduling engine, has an optional function Oshika Orario, use of which enables automatic resource load adjustment.
•Frequent Issue 3: “We want to evaluate the impact on resource and delivery dates in the event of sudden work or rework occurs”
Without a dedicated planning tool, reshuffling and updating processes can be a tedious task. Even after the modification, you may need to make changes repeatedly, such as to the delivery date and start date. Planning without a tool puts an extra burden on the personnel while causing a lot of time loss.

•Web I’s recommendation
The process schedule creation tool has various useful functions for scheduling, including those for (1) shuffling the order of works, (2) changing the start day for a series of processes, and (3) calculating the start and finish dates for processes, based on the operating schedule.  Therefore, even if a sudden work or rework occurs, you can see how it will affect the workload and delivery date quickly, without too much trouble. Besides, by utilizing Koutei’s optional function, Oshika Orario, you can develop a reasonable plan considering the burden on the staff and machinery.
•Frequent Issue 4: “We want to understand the cost situation and make future forecasts and countermeasures”
Since it is hard to grasp the actual cost during a project in real-time, you may be slow in responding to the declining profitability, generating a considerable loss when the project is over. It is essential to grasp the signs of deterioration in the project profitability at an early stage based on cost forecasts and to be always one step ahead proactively.

•Web I’s recommendation
You can record the schedule’s actuals (actual start and finish dates) with the process schedule creation tool. Also, by using Pregare project management server software, you can aggregate person-hours generated for the product number up to that point if the actual person-hour had already been entered. The tool also allows control not only over the person-hours but also materials costs and purchased goods costs. It even enables a comparison of the actuals against the forecasts, and the prediction of future changes in costs.
•Frequent Issue 5: "We want to grasp the schedule (work) for the entire factory,  rather than for a single product number (a received order)."
Often, multiple production projects are simultaneously in progress within a factory, so, before creating schedules for each project, you need to foresee the burden on the entire factory by calculating the quantity of equipment and workers necessary for the multiple projects.

•Web I’s recommendation
There are two ways of scheduling with the process schedule creation software. One is to create a schedule for the entire factory, targeting all product numbers. The other is to create separate schedules for individual product numbers and then to display (edit) the schedules together as many as necessary. The former is suitable for small to medium scale factories where one planner takes care of an adequate number of product numbers. On the other hand, the latter is suited for large factories where there are many product numbers and multiple planners because it creates a separate schedule for each product number. While the process schedule creation tool can integrate multiple product number schedules into a single factory schedule, you can manage more flexibly at an advanced level if you use Pregare project management server software.

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