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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:21

Kawanishi Co., Ltd.

We make your wishes come true together with you.

We supply labor-saving machinery with even higher value and greater ease of use. Our leading products include cranes, carts, and particularly heavy-load transporters and other handling and transportation equipment. We offer material handlers flexibly combining lifters, tilters, conveyors, chucks, and handler movers, as well as casting machinery and labor-saving and automated equipment.

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Our company philosophy is to propose solutions with a little bit more
We supply machinery and equipment that give shape to all different kinds of images people have in mind, and that satisfy needs.
- We monitor your required functions and performance, and propose original equipment solutions with a good balance between quality and cost.
- We design and manufacture machinery and equipment that is sure to be successful.
- We address customer needs for various operations ranging from planning and design to manufacturing, installation, and test runs in a seamless manner.
- Our staff includes numerous licensed welders and machining technicians.
Handling and transportation equipment
We excel at cranes, carts, and similar products, and particularly heavy-load transporters. We supply products with high value without being limited to equipment for suspension or transportation.

- Tire-mounted bridge cranes
A bridge crane structured with legs installed on both ends of its ceiling crane transports objects on bridge rails. Tire-mounted bridge cranes have a steering wheel that enables trackless travel.

- Container carriers
These are most suitable for transporting and loading containers, houses, and other box-type objects.
Material handlers
We supply automated material feeders and assembly lines by flexibly combining lifters, tilters, conveyors, chucks, handler movers, and other equipment.

- Factory automation equipment

We supply automated lines for feeding and assembling materials by flexibly combining transportation roller conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, lifters, tilting cross conveyors, swivel conveyors, chucks, handler movers, and other components.

We link data between computers and sequencers to assemble an FA network for control. This enables collective control and management of production factories. We install terminal displays at various locations, to begin measurement and count management, conduct checks with monitors, and so on.

- 63-hour unattended machining system

We conduct unattended machining of specific plates for 63 hours from five o'clock on Friday to eight o'clock the next Monday.

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