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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:11


We have developed “Hakko nano-oil,” an oil containing highly nutritious content and exhibiting high permeation.

In 2010, we opened the beauty salon “MARVELOUS” in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. In 2015, we established a cosmetics factory, entering the cosmetics business. We produced the cosmetic soap “GOCHI SOAP” When visiting Los Angeles in 2017, we discovered that the soap we manufactured could be used as rocket fuel and began a project that aimed to launch rockets using cosmetics. In 2018, we obtained a patent for a method of producing a new type of oil called “fermented nano-oil,” which we discovered during the development of rocket fuel.

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[New ingredient] Manufacture and sale of fermented nano-oil
What is fermented nano-oil?
Our technology decomposes the bonds that constitute the source of milk fat source (lipids) using bacteria and enzymes in oil.
Before decomposing the molecules, the oil exists in the form of an aggregate (triglyceride) of its components. When the enzymes begin working, fatty acids are produced, and the triglyceride changes its shape and size.
As a result, the molecular structure of the oil is finely subdivided, and functional composition that offers moisturizing, beauty, and “umami” ingredients is produced. 
This nongreasy, highly nutritious oil is called “fermented nano-oil.”
[Characteristics of fermented nano oil]
・	Highly permeable. Non-sticky.
When subjected to the action of enzymes, fatty acids are produced and the molecular structures are segmented, creating a smooth quality.

・	Includes 300 times the amount of beauty ingredients
Oleic acid (moisturizing, antioxidant)
Linoleic acid (whitening, suppression of melanin production)
	(The rate of increase was 300 times higher than before the experiment)

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