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We change agitation! Our C-Mix® bladeless centrifugal stirrer can solve problems with agitation at manufacturing or R&D sites. The bladeless stirring propeller prevents air inclusion, bubble formation caused by cavitation, degradation of stirred material due to shearing, and accidents associated with contact.

We manufacture and sell products and systems that use our C-Mix® bladeless centrifugal stirrer.


Sales Pitch

C-Mix® bladeless centrifugal stirrer
We manufacture and sell the C-Mix® bladeless centrifugal stirrer and other products and systems that use C-Mix®. Our C-Mix® is capable of centrifugal agitation despite not having any blade. It is bladeless, so it does not cause problems associated with blades. C-Mix® does not cause injury or damage to containers or inner bags as a result of contact with a blade. C-Mix® causes few vortexes during agitation, so air inclusion does not occur. It also causes less cavitation, so bubbles are not formed. The material is not degraded by shearing. C-Mix® has received favorable reviews from customers in the chemical pharmaceutical, food, coating, and other industries. This is because they want to avoid air inclusion or bubble formation during agitation or to prevent stirred material from being damaged or degraded by blades.
Our standard lineup of stirrer products ranges from articles suitable for beakers or flasks to drum cans or small tanks. We offer standard products and design entirely new products according to customer requirements, including articles for flasks and even products for tanks over 1000 ml. Our custom products incorporate the customer’s stirring environment and solutions to their problems with agitation. These include preventing air or bubble inclusion, ensuring consistent agitation, reducing sedimentation, and quickening dissolution. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Awards: Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation’s National Invention Awards, 21st Century Invention Encouragement Prize (2012); the 38th Invention Awards, Grand Prize; (2013); the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s awards, Science and Technology Award (technology category) (2013); Shokuhin Sangyo Shimbunsha, the 43rd Food Industry Technology Achievement Award; The Japan Food Journal, the 17th Nisshoku Excellent Food, Machinery, Material, and Raw Material Award; Ando Foundation’s 2014 Shokusokai, 19th Ando Momofuku Awards, Invention and Discovery Encouragement Prize.

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We handle any issues related to agitation.

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