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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:04

Seiwa Denko Co., Ltd.

Our Bio-Toilet that runs on sawdust is a worldwide success

We are an R&D-oriented company that manufactures and sells Bio-Toilets. Our organization is based on a 'small numbers‐exceptional talent' personnel policy. We have acquired a significant amount of intellectual property rights and operate as a fab-less manufacturer.

Our Bio-Lux Bio-Toilet is a new type of toilet that processes human waste using only ordinary sawdust. Its features include, (1) the use of common sawdust, (2) no special bacteria required, (3) no water usage, and (4) no odor in the toilet room. Regarding other products, we also manufacture and sell garbage disposers, decomposing equipment for exterminating animals, and purification equipment exclusively for domestic non-fecal wastewater.

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Bio-Toilet — new purification equipment
The main features of our Bio-Lux Baio-Toilet include; (1) it uses only ordinary sawdust instead of water, (2) no special bacteria required, (3) no odor in the toilet, and (4) the sawdust can be used as a soil conditioner or fertilizer.

There are two types of Bio-Toilet units: a standard type that can be installed in a toilet room like a Western-style toilet, and a setup type that can be used simply by placing it. They are available for both domestic and industrial use. Also, there are other temporary toilets with built-in Bio-Toilet, which are intended for construction sites, siding type, and log house type. Since there are many models, you can choose according to the frequency and place to use.

Because the toilet uses no water, it has been used in areas where sewage facilities are not sufficient, and places where the environment is protected, such as mountain trails, parks, and sightseeing spots. It can also be used as a toilet in the event of a disaster.
New purification equipment
"Bio-Lux Water" is a new piece of purification equipment dedicated to miscellaneous household water (kitchen, bath, laundry) other than toilet wastewater. Miscellaneous wastewater is relatively easy to purify as it does not contain toilet wastewater. The treated water from the new purification equipment is as clean as rainwater and can be reused.

While it uses Bincho charcoal for purifying miscellaneous wastewater, Bincho charcoal is inorganic and does not swell with water, which makes it unnecessary to replace charcoal.

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