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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:48

Kyowa Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

By utilizing excellent know-how and sophisticated technologies, we produce and maintain powerful motors.

We are a manufacturer which produces as well as repairs motors, performs precision machining, and molds plastic products. By utilizing experience and know-how nurtured through the development and production of motors, we produce products used in fields that are new to us, such as hydraulic generators and wind power generators.

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Producing and repairing motors
We produce motors that are utilized in various fields such as industry, transportation, and agriculture for Hitachi, Ltd. 
[Our services] 
By utilizing excellent know-how and sophisticated technologies, we produce and maintain powerful motors.
We provide various services to allow clients' equipment to smoothly operate and maintain the best condition for a long period, letting clients use the equipment for longer with a sense of security.  
Maintaining, inspecting, and improving oil plants, steel plants, as well as food plants
Maintaining, inspecting, and improving motors for elevators, escalators, as well as large-sized air conditioners
Maintaining, inspecting, and improving motors for all kinds of equipment (we also do field work)
Furthermore, to prevent sudden failure of important equipment, we use cutting-edge devices such as insulation diagnostic devices and apply accumulated diagnostic technologies to assist clients in preventing such failure and maintaining such equipment.
Molding plastics
We mold plastics ranging from general-purpose plastics to super engineering plastics out of thermoplastic resin. Furthermore, we mold thermo-setting resin. As these examples demonstrate, we precisely mold a variety of materials to produce a variety of products. We are able to mold materials which contain glass (content rate: 30%).
Typical materials
Thermoplastic resins (ABS resin, AS resin, PMMA, POM, PA, PE, PET, PC, PS, PPS, PBT, and PP)
Thermo-setting resins (PF, EP, MP, UP, and so on)
Furthermore, we can perform pad printing to vividly print characters, diagrams, etc. on curved surfaces of molded articles. We can also assemble molded articles.  
Precision machining
By employing engineers with a wide range of knowledge and having a variety of equipment, we proudly receive orders for precision machining. We process and produce not only shafts and hydraulic components, but also parts used in various fields such as bits and rod lots for civil engineering work.

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