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Our company is a solution provider for motor control systems.

We satisfy needs for (1) robot systems, (2) motor control systems, (3) image processing systems, and (4) operation terminals. We also apply our meticulous software processing to a wide variety of other items of hardware. This is how we establish a high-performance system with a comfortable human-machine interface in a short time at low cost. We also satisfy orders for OEM manufacturing.

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Solutions realized with industrial robots
Our DYNAX motion controls can be realized in various combinations.
[Motion controller + servo driver]
A control board used to be connected to a servo driver by cable. Our company has now integrated a control board with multiple AC servo drivers to save wiring and to make equipment smaller in size, and at lower cost. The servo driver can be comparable to a motor of 100 W to 2 kW. 

[Motion controller + terminal]
The system is equipped with our company's original custom CPU, ASIC, and other equipment to reduce the size of the controller. This integrates a robot terminal, programmable terminal, and touch terminal with a motion controller. You can build a simple system.

[Motion controller + camera input + terminal]
The motion controller can be integrated with camera input and incorporated into a touch panel system. This reduces the size of the alignment system and makes it independent from the Windows system.
Mantis 2.0 and 3.5 vertical multi-joint robots, operation terminal
Mantis is a low-cost, small, lightweight six-axis vertical multi-joint robot. This is a small robot with a transportable mass of about 3.5 kg. It has been designed and developed for use in factories, laboratories, and various other applications. It has a harmonic gear on every one of its axes, which achieves high performance. Its system is simple, and works together with an image-processing system.
Inexpensive BMC2XH series two-axis AC servo controllers
Our BMC2XH series products are positioning controllers that combine speedy Fics series serial communication-type positioning controllers or an integration of the LMC series with an Atom series 2-axis AC servo positioning driver.

You only need to connect a motor encoder and motor power cable to complete a two-series system.

[Controller and servo driver] Simple and inexpensive precisely because it is an integral-type product.

- RS485 serial communications control enables motor control of up to 16 axes.
- SRing serial communications control can control up to eight axes of fast synchronous motor control.
- Equipped with Ethernet communications as standard equipment, and capable of uploading, downloading, host control, and other control data.
- Dimensions: 234.5 × 170 × 70

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