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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:14

Maple-BioLab Co., Ltd.

Enriching the world through contract R&D of biochemistry

Our company engages in contract R&D in the biochemistry field and contract production of cosmetics, by utilizing microbial testing technology. We have completed a wide range of contract R&D projects in the food and cosmetics fields by applying the behavior of microorganisms.

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Business expansion through the power of microorganisms
Contract development and production of natural cosmetics
Our company develops and manufactures cosmetics without preservatives or synthetic surfactants on a contract basis.

•Product advantages
Since our company has built up microbial control know-how over many years of our microbial testing business, we can develop and manufacture natural cosmetics that do not use preservatives or synthetic surfactants*. We also conduct tests using microorganisms (preservation efficacy test, efficacy/effect test, safety/stability test, expiration date setting test, etc.)
*Preservatives and synthetic surfactants added to cosmetics may cause rough skin. We develop pure natural cosmetics minimizing the use of these additives along with other chemicals that may cause rough skin.

•Past projects
-Cosmetics company: Formulation and production of cosmetics.
-Cosmetics company: Preservation efficacy test, safety/stability test, efficacy/effect test.
-Miscellaneous goods: Efficacy/effect test.
Contract research and development in the biochemistry field
Contract research and development in the biochemistry field, and the development of cosmetics without preservatives or synthetic surfactants, through the use of the know-how on microbial control

•Product advantages
Our company has conducted microbial testing for food factories for a long time and has good track records in microbiological testing and hygiene management. The experience allows us to apply the know-how on microbial control in the actual product development.

(1) Microorganism inspection department: Carries out microorganism inspection and hygiene management for plants and products.
(2) Contract R&D department: Conducts research and development applying microorganisms. In particular, the department has accumulated technologies to determine the efficacy of new products/existing products using microorganisms as indicators. Further, the department constantly conducts tests on sterilization performance, safety, deodorization performance, preservation efficacy, and so on.
(3) Contract development/production of cosmetics that that do not use any preservatives or synthetic surfactants (our company is a licensed cosmetics manufacturer).

•Past projects
(1) Microbial testing projects: We conduct microbial testing and hygiene management for restaurant kitchens, food factories, and manufacturing equipment in cosmetic factories, as well as microbial testing of products, and formulate plans for improvement based on the test results. We also prepare procedures and standards for restaurants and food factories to comply with HACCP.
(2) Contract R&D projects: We develop new cosmetics and chemicals, test the product’s efficacy and preservation efficacy, and produce cosmetics on a contract basis.
Microbial testing, cosmetics development, and OEM production
We conduct contract research and development of businesses related to biochemistry.

•Product advantages
More than 15 years have passed since the start of the contract R&D business, and our company has met a wide range of demands. Many of our current customers place repeat orders, and we are confident that we have given our customers true satisfaction. For new customers, we try to analyze the customer needs carefully before the start of the contract to develop only what is necessary for the customer.

•Possible applications
Our business is contract R&D in the biochemistry field. Our company conducts hygiene inspections and microbiological inspections for food factories, restaurants, cosmetic factories, pharmaceutical factories, and so on. Another business line is the contract development and production of cosmetics as a licensed cosmetics manufacturer and distributor. Utilizing the know-how of microbiological testing, we develop and manufacture preservative-free and surfactant-free cosmetics.

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