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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:45

Tsuji shoten Co.,Ltd.

We produce KAISHI paper, which is folded and tucked inside the front of a person's kimono, and paper yarn products, which are made of tinsel stencils. 

The company was established in 1910. We mainly sold tinsel stencils then. In 2007, we established "TSUJITOKU", a division for KAISHI paper, and started selling original KAISHI and KAISHI-related goods. In 2015, we started selling products made of paper yarn the raw material of which is tinsel stencils. Braid made of paper yarn has been well-received.

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Sales Pitch

Product introductions
KAISHI paper
KAISHI paper is mainly used at tea ceremonies. However, we propose how to use it and produce various types of KAISHI paper so that it can be used in our daily lives. 
In addition, customized KAISHI paper with original design has a very good reputation. Since we are able to produce products even in small lots, we have received orders for it from various companies and organizations. 
We are able to apply various techniques such as printing, stamping (embossing), and shearing in the production of KAISHI paper. 
OEM production can also be discussed.
Pulp cloth
We weave paper cloth by using yarn made of tinsel stencils
Types of TSUJITOKU paper cloth
Handweaving: Paper yarn of TSUJITOKU is used for all the warp and weft.
Machine weaving: We weave "silk pulp cloth" the warp of which is silk yarn and the weft of which is the paper yarn of TSUJITOKU. We weave the silk pulp cloth in Nishijin, Kyoto City.
We are able to meet various requirements such as yarn colors and fabric patterns. 
We can also sell yarn by itself.
Although the paper cloth of TSUJITOKU is still being developed, it has the potential to evolve in response to opinions or requests from clients. 
We are continuing to put our ingenuity into pulp cloth and to study it so as to develop better products.
OEM production by TSUJITOKU
We produce KAISHI paper and paper cloth that meet clients' requirements.







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