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We use metal modeling to take metal processing to an even higher level 

We can apply our our unqiue method for expression that fuses metal processing technology with design to produce 3D imagery with depth in aluminum plate surfaces. We have partents in Japan and also in the USA. Patterns drawn with Illustrator can also be ground and drawn with CNC machinery. In both technologies, we have outstanding expertise in expression for wall surface decoration, thereby producing impressive spatial designs with illumination effects.

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Sales Pitch

Product introduction
Kokuhan® is an epoch-making technology that allows images to be produced in metal panels with 3D grinding technology used in metal manufacturing.

Highlights move interactively with light reflection depending on the angle of view, which creates imagery motifs in a 3D manner like a hologram. This brand-new expression method is different from conventional metal relief in its 3D mechanism. It is only necessary to dig a little into the raw material to give a 1-mm-thick plate a realistic depth unrealizable with almost-flat low reliefs.

One panel can be up to 123 cm by 248 cm (standard dimensions: 98 cm by 198 cm).
A large screen can be created by adding modules based on the image data, which makes it possible to decorate large wall surfaces.
Applicable to wall materials, wall panels, and partition pictures for vestibules, entrance halls, temple barriers, hotel party rooms, restaurants, large individual residences, stage backdrops, and other facilities.

Kokuhan® is made of metal (aluminum), so it is non-flammable. It can be used with peace of mind near cultural assets and in rolling stock, ships, automobiles, and other environments.
It can be used as an exterior material as well as for interiors. (We have a track record of deliveries, but we do not install it at your worksite.)

Can be manufactured with desired images
Kokuhan® can adapt to any digital data, including photos, Illustrator images, or other imagery.
Some images are unsuitable for expression because of the characteristics of the product.
3D modeling
Our starting point is the concept of impressive modeling that intuitively appeals to the eye.

Our foundation is to impress people by making use of various metal processing technologies that take advantage of the texture potential of metal.

We take full advantage of our Jacket, which was awarded a Gold award at the Fourth Grinding Dream Contest, along with our leading-edge CAD/CAM, CG, and simulation software to give people impressive new experiences.

We produce metal reliefs and other low reliefs in 3D art objects and other metal plates, which are produced by total machining of aluminum and stainless steel blocks. We also use various other methods for expression to manufacture metal models.
Our Puzzdeco was announced at Maison et Object 2014 in France. It is a 1-mm-thick aluminum puzzle-piece artistic panel.

These panels are each lightweight, so they are easy to install with double-sided tape, epoxy resin, or other adhesive.
(Note: They may be hard to attach to some walling materials.)

Accent holes can be used to fix them with screws to ensure that they are fixed securely.

These panels are made of metal and non-flammable. They can be used with peace of mind in retail shops, hotels, and other commercial facilities.

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