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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:09

Waternavi Co., Ltd.

We manufacture and sell micronanobubble generators that use our unique technology.

Aquatransfer and Spinor, two types of micro-nanobubble generator we develop/sell, are widely used in many fields, such as fish farming, water purification, and wastewater treatment.

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Aqua transfer
Strong discharge force
As Aquatransfer is an ejector type micro-nanobubble generator with a strong discharge force, it generates rotational flow even in large tanks (bodies of water) and makes the water quality inside even. 
The attached air supplier enables easy control of air intake amounts and air bubble size.  Moreover, reproducible usage is possible by following the reading on the vacuum gauge. 
Simple structure that does not easily clog
The water and the gas (air) cause turbulence and generate micro-nanobubbles. The section where this occurs has a cylindrical structure with a full circumference (360 °C), which prevents foreign bodies from easily accumulating there.  Moreover, as the nozzle comprises two parts, dismantling and reassembly is easy. 
Resistant to corrosion
The material used is stainless steel SUS316, which is resistant against corrosion and wear.
Moreover, if you require usage in highly corrosive liquids, such as seawater, we are capable of manufacturing resin products, for instance from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and POM (polyacetal).
There is no increase in the water temperature in the aquarium.
As Spinor uses a disc rotation method to generate micro-nanobubbles, it is not necessary to use devices for applying water pressure such as pumps.  As a result, the motors, which generate heat, do not come in contact with the water and will not increase the water temperature. It is ideal for fish farming and hydroponics wherein water temperature control is important. 
Energy saving
It is an energy saving device that can generate micro-nanobubbles with little energy as it does not require a pump to pressurize the water. 
It is also quiet as it generates only the rotation of the motor.
Easy to handle
As the drive unit and the micro-nanobubble generator are integrated, it can be used immediately simply by plugging it in. 


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