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Latest update: 13/02/2019 17:59:34

Windy Co., Ltd.


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[Company Strengths]
Our company was established in 2002 to develop original medical systems. Medicine is a technologically advanced field, but it is also labor-intensive. Carbon copies are still used with extensive data attached by hand before many slips are entered into computers through a great deal of manual effort. Hospitals will surely become a tough business as time goes by, and managers will be required to take extra steps for streamlining operations. The introduction of IT has also become necessary as a part of patient service to provide advanced treatments more swiftly. We offer safe, reliable, and comfortable solutions to solve such problems. These encompass general hospitals, clinics, dispensing pharmacies, welfare facilities, home medical care, nursing-related services, and patients’ residences (home medical care settings), while satisfying the needs of the individual parties. We develop both software and devices that work the software. 

[Product and Technology Strengths] 
Our company offers systems for dispensing pharmacies including electronic drug history in 30 seconds, pill imprint recognition, electronic drug history, medicine bag printing, inventory control, and drug calendar creation systems. We offer VR-based rehabilitation software, and work monitoring systems with motion capture functionality. We made our systems interoperable with ORCA (Online Receipt Computer Advantage), which is the standard medical prescription software provided by the Japan Medical Association, as well as Fujitsu HOPE. This means that our software can be used by hospital and clinic users. These products are provided with remote support service to ensure that customers in remote areas can use them with peace of mind. Our secure remote support allows access only from consenting customers, and files are strongly encrypted before transfer. The peer-to-peer method without passing through a server will also make customers feel at ease even when a file contains highly confidential information. 

[Representative’s Message]
Our company has pharmacists and medical office work specialists within the organization to offer all kinds of services around dispensing pharmacy management. Medical fields have evolved rapidly in recent years, but there are various unsolved problems. The medical industry is now transforming into a service industry where service providers are chosen by patients based on how well they can satisfy customer needs. In this era it is important to improve the quality of team medicine by asking ourselves what medicine truly means. Dispensaries are now being separated from medical practice sites, and pharmacists are given more importance and responsibilities. Improving individual skills to satisfy such expectations will lead to improving pharmacies, and we want to help pharmacies with this to realize a better future for the medical industry. This is why we hope to make use of J-GoodTech to identify various potential needs, and to disseminate information as widely as possible. 

[Awards and Media]
The 4th Contribution Grand Prize for Health Care Industry, Kyushu Economic Federation President’s Award

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