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Latest update: 13/01/2021 15:34:59


Manufacturing and prototype creation of small-diameter cutting parts

Centering on our cutting technology for processing part with a diameter as small as 0.001 mm and using our grinding technology for controlling dimensions by 0.0001 mm as well as our outstanding barrel processing technology, we provide a number of one-of-a-kind processed parts to domestic and international markets.

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For customers looking for this type of processing
[Small diameter high precision processed parts]
We provide high quality processed parts in 0.001-mm precision, with no burrs, scratches, and dents. (* indicates processing by partner factories)
 • Machine processing (φ0.3–φ30)
 • Grinding (barrel polishing and center-less grinding)
 • Surface treatment
 • Heat treatment
[Ultrahigh precision center-less polishing]
Finishing the outer diameter of small-diameter parts with center-less grinding.
We provide outstanding roundness, cylindricity, and surface roughness precisions.
• Target workpiece
  • Diameter: φ 2–φ 30
  Length: Maximum of approximately 300 mm * There are limitations depending on the diameter and materials
  Materials: Metal and resin. * Cemented carbide and ceramic cannot be processed
• Geometric accuracy
  Roundness: 1 μm or less (0.001 mm) even in mass production
  Surface roughness precision: Ra (arithmetic average roughness) 0.12; Ry (maximum height) 0.6; Rz (ten-point average roughness) 0.5 or less
• Dimensional accuracy
  ±1μ (0.001 mm) * There may be cases where conditions are not suitable.
[Ultrahigh precision barrel processing]
By developing barrel media specifically designed for ultramicroscopic parts, barrel processing of ultramicroscopic parts (previously impossible) has become possible. Removing a 0.003-mm burr that occurs at a level difference of 0.01 mm
Good processing content
No burrs, scratches, and dents are permissible
Processing accuracy of 1 micron is required
Requirements regarding surface roughness are extremely strict
Past production examples
• OA parts
• Auto parts
• Video parts
• Functional parts for pneumatic/hydraulic equipment

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