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Our company gives shape to customer requests.

Our company manufactures customized fabric products for factory use, such as work gloves, mini bags, and rack covers.

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A clean environment and precision work gloves kept free from dust and foreign matter
Cleanroom gloves (fused seamless gloves)
These cleanroom gloves are not disposable, and are reused by washing.
They feature dustproofing because of their lack of seams, comfort and fit, and environmental load reduction by reuse.
Production by fusing rather than sewing realizes high dustproofing.
Fabric is used inside, so the gloves give a soft feeling to the skin when they are worn. A polyurethane film is used for the surface because of its moisture permeability effect which releases moisture. This effect eases stuffiness and realizes comfortable wearing.
The gloves can be reused by washing and drying and do not produce a lot of waste rubber like disposable gloves, so the environmental load can be reduced.
Dustproof gloves
Polyurethane-laminate fabric is used for the palm side. The fibrous face does not contact something directly when you touch it with the gloves. This prevents body hair or any other foreign matter from falling down from inside the glove to the palm side. You can use the gloves when assembling precision equipment or handling food, where foreign matter must be avoided.
We provide several types of dustproof gloves.
Polyurethane films can be classified into a strong grip type and a low grip type (smooth), so you can select low or high grip type gloves depending on the work.
Our electrostatic-type gloves have conductive threads woven in the fabric to prevent static electricity.
Our long gloves prevent foreign matter from falling near the wrist through the gap between sleeve and glove. We provide a lineup of seamed and seamless gloves.
Cleanroom accessories
Cleanroom lap robe
This robe keeps your legs and feet warm in a cleanroom environment. The robe has hooks, so you can wrap it around your waist. The robe will not disturb your movement.
Cleanroom mini bag
You can easily attach this mini bag to your belt when entering a cleanroom. This is handy when keeping various tools with you.
Smartphone mini bag
This mini bag is designed for a smartphone. You can easily attach this bag to your belt when entering a cleanroom.
Product lineup
Work gloves
- Work, quality management, and inspection gloves
- Wiping gloves made of microfibers
- Dustproof gloves and cleanroom gloves
- Clean heat-resistant gloves
- Particle inspection gloves for checking the coated surfaces of vehicles
- Moisture-permeable, water-resistant, and drip-proof gloves
- Knitted gloves
- Rescue gloves, anti-cutting gloves, and anti-piercing gloves
- Dress gloves
- Finger sacs
Cleanroom accessories
- Arm cover
- Cleanroom lap robe
- Mini bag
- Smartphone mini bag
- Belt
- Handheld unit cover
- Cleanroom bag
Made-to-order for products other than regular catalog articles
We can manufacture even non-regular products with special specifications not in the catalog. Please feel free to consult us.
- Long gloves
- Gloves made of supplied fabric
- Mini bags with special specifications
- Equipment covers and coating robot arm covers

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